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Yep but it was Second on that list sears. You're still voting a brave american league. Mvp even if i swap out. Jose ramirez and put shane bieber in. There is a is a top three candidate. I think. I think if i really really really really crunch the numbers i might come out on that side too but i don't think so on the surface on the surface you're telling yourself this is a dude who made beeps make eleven twelve starts like a fifth of the fucking start like anyone ever game dinner every game. The indians had a chance to win every single game. He started plus which doesn't count. But in this again and i hate the the qualifier but it matters in this season you had a guy. Go out there and give you chance to win. Every single start he made you would die for a guy like that over thirty three starts in a season and not only did he give you a chance. He damn near the one thing he lost. I think the indians lost two games that he started and they were both like seven innings to runs or whatever it was either start he had he had no stinkers in those twelve starts out of the finalists that i'm giving here. Jose abreu gets my the most valuable player. Both of them and those winners will be announced on november twelfth thursday. In check that out and we'll be network then the cy young conversation. Shane bieber unanimous national league. Trevor bauer yu. Darvish jacob degrom. Let's not let's not sleep on the fact how about the dodgers. The dodgers are world series. Champions. the dodgers parted ways with two out of three. Cy young finalist in the american league. Wait what yeah. Yeah were you. The and the dodgers won the world series. They said no thanks. We're good to pictures. That are going to finish in the finals for cy young voting. We're good we don't need them. We've got other guys just. That's just a little. It's just a fun. Little like who shit you know. I think you look at those. No disrespect. Of course. I mean i think kanter my head a fucking year hundred review. How many times was that name mentioned on this. Podcast and zero. Like the fact the fact that he had a. let's call it third place. Finish for american league cy young. We didn't even notice just goes to show you how dominant shane. Bieber was like a weekly fucking segment on the podcast. And by his third start by his third start it was already an open and shut case that this guy is gonna win. The cy young and i had moved on as right. He's got the cy young let's talk. Mvp and yeah because they're ridiculous outings back to back to back you're like holy shit. Because he was breaking major league. Strikeout records every start. It was like this is the most striking superstar strikeouts through five starts most strikeouts through six stars and yeah then start breaking off the record books like that. That's when you put the cy young on the back burner that's already wrapped up now. You're gonna start talking. Mvp i i still. I'm not really sold. I mean i get. I get it. Jose ramirez fucking best wins over place in baseball share. Whatever no yes or rumors. Jose ramirez best ones replacement in baseball. Awesome fantastic you watch those fucking games like even india's fans will tell you. Yeah yeah. I mean like our team. Mvp was shane bieber. If if there's three finalists here bieber should have been the guy over jose ramirez. I don't care what is war was. Yeah i again like the point. I'm trying to make though with the american league. Cy young race is that it's going to be unanimous and the fact that there wasn't even like a finalist in there that was in a regular topic of conversation kind of weak. This kind of is a week a week class. It's not see that's just it was class. It's not a week. It's the in the winter in the class is just. I don't know it's a week. I'm not saying that. Like shane bieber is winning on a technicality. Of course. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that cantona had a great year but like when he was starting in the playoffs. Oh baby can't wait for this to my start. He's been a fucking aced like no one. No one felt that way. Besides maybe twins fans no. But that's what that's what this season gives you. That's what this season gave. You is the numbers and the production are what you're looking at right now. So you weren't given the opportunity to fall in love with a signature game from my asia where he punched out sixteen. And you were like you remember when you darvish and trevor. Bauer faced off against each other at wrigley. It was towards the end of the year. You were lying. Fuck strap in like this has cy. Young implications buckle up. Let go in the last week of the season if the twins played the indians and it was bieber. Verse majeida like. I'm not circling that. As like i was way more jacked up for giolito versus bieber than i ever would have been for my versus bieber. Well so that you're biased. Kicking in right there. I mean like fucking giolito throw no inter this year you and lick dominant. He wasn't the playoffs right. So i'll tell you right now to my aid is starting today..

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