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Humans can the fossil record what will they find that's our signature of humans being here they'll find radiation from nuclear tests they'll find plastic in the sea and they'll find trillions of chicken bones because the chicken is now popula boat and that emerges not because humans in nightly love chicken but because of a very peculiar capitalist history that has made have made us eat 50 billion of these things a year my guess is raj patel who would jason w more has written the history of the world in seven cheap things and uh the book is published by gene press uh so uh doesn't the phrase day it isn't access to more and cheaper items of benefit to most people will again uh if you will on a low wage uh obviously expensive food is beyond you'll means but again look at it look at who these who's on low the majority of the lowest uh paying jobs in the near the top ten uh lowest tangled in the eyes they majority of them are in the food system and this is near this deep irony iditarod keep our food cheap we need work is to be paid pitifully little and then in order for them to be able to eat we need sneh supplemental assistance and cheap food i mean that that that's a very very jerry vicious circle of fifteen a dollar minimum wage is resisted in many circles a fifteen dollars minimum wage is not much as economy and particularly in this town um i mean th that's i mean that's very far from a living wage in particular if you're trying to raise.

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