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Okay, great. I guess started his name was dill pickle. I was kinda hoping kill kill all pickles. All right. I don't like pickles and I don't like when they put one on your plate because whatever touches tastes, like pickle. Sounds good to me. I like pickle. Keep it keep it over there experiment? Yeah, I don't mind people liking pickles. Too strong stance Dougie's show you wanna say that on the podcast, I'm not gonna say kill dill. Candidate, Jill out will be allowed to live. Here we go. Okay. Dog. Dog bites, man. Dog days the bounty hunter dog days afternoon. Doug day after the one day day after dog man, dog bite van. To dog man. Doc mad return the dog. You're go and man to the wrath of the dove dot. The wrath of the dot. Dog men to the wrath of cats, the Doug man to the wrath of the canine dog. Two. Of the. Litter. Dog man, the wrath of the litter..

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