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Number thirteen Baylor's why Oklahoma as they take nine seconds left leading thirty four to thirty one that was Nick Bonino picking up Charlie burning in the game thirty four thirty one in fact Benito picks off that pass he could have picked off the past right before it is well to have an opportunity to do it again he did it and heart sock met this is Matt rule is done a great job with this also remind me of Baylor getting their heart ripped out when they were in that what it was a big tall championship the BTC you if I'm not mistaken and they were sitting and look like they're going to get into the college football playoff in Ohio state games were comes roaring back in twenty fourteen they had everything in front of them I don't wanna say they choked because Oklahoma play well but that just brutal for the bears yeah it was just a there is an inevitability it's the felt like it was happening that late last drive that Baylor got it Charlie brewer before the pick there were a couple throws I thought last second yeah they because I like it was like the the the pendulum had swung to Oklahoma and I thought okay well you know that was it like good good for Oklahoma but Baylor was was driving and then the two throws in a row the one that should have been picked and all only than the one that was picked I don't know I it's it's a great example of what I think is going to be seen in the college football playoff that style where last team with the ball ultimately it's going to get it going to get the win right and ultimately Jaylen hurts did his best to hand the Baylor bears a victory in that game early and continue to live up to the hype and again he's not winning the Heisman okay two is not winning the Heisman because of the injury now I believe now it's just down to Justin fields and Joe Berle with Joe Berle having and an extreme extreme lead over over feels and I think also Jonathan Taylor who had another two hundred yard rushing game is probably gonna at least get the invite and rightfully so but now you're just filling seats in the in the downtown athletic so the thing is to cut I guess pile on your point about Ohio state and Clemson being the most talented teams of the best teams in college football right now it when we're looking at this table of ten right that are ultimately in the discussion in the college football playoff the true top like the real differentiator now ultimately is going to be defense like which defense can stop or at least slow down the juggernaut offenses that we can't be enough that's all I'm saying right can you break serve you don't have a have to have a dominant defense the team to twenty four instead of forty four that's all you're asking for and there's enough good defenses out there and I'm seeing that out of Ohio state I'm seeing that out of plans and I'm trying to get there with Ellis shoe who I think does deserve to be number one but I I I would you have these issues that you have week in and week out and they gave up over six on your four hundred yards rushing to Ole miss yesterday I've got a problem with that this segment brought you by ages mail tonight the ridiculously fast acting not drink oxide booster that will not go unnoticed rush to Walmart and get.

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