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Focus on the second part of the conversation that looks at his time and UFC pan craze shoot fighting Japan as well as some pro wrestling and speaking of pro wrestling, I was not aware with regard to Ken shamrock that he was trained in part by buzz Sawyer who've never seen buzz Sawyer perform he was a wild man inside and outside the ring and crazy good talent. But candid cut his. Teeth in the Carolinas in the early nineties wrestling as Vince Torelli, which I remember from pro wrestling illustrated and the rankings. They would often report about a guy named Vince Torelli who is the champion in south Atlantic pro wrestling, but Stephen Kent talk about cans entrance into the shoot fighting world as well as rivalry with Heus Gracie competing at the very first UFC fighting and pancreas Japan. Lots of crazy stories and interesting insights from Ken about the shoot fighting world. So there's definitely ought to dig into. For today's episode this day Steve Austin history today, being February twenty first we start off in nineteen Ninety-three in Asheville North Carolina at super brawl three Steve Austin, and Brian film and defeated Markelle Zander Bagwell, and Erik watts then we move onto nineteen ninety five in Gainesville Georgia Steve Austin after a three month hiatus from WCW comes back at W W pro taping to defeat John Krystal. In an enhancement to match go over to the WF in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Seve Austin defeated then intercontinental champion the rock in a non title match, the rock was substituting for triple h and after the match Austin gave out stunners to Mark Henry and de LA Brown as well as the rock because the nation domination were getting involved and then finally nineteen ninety nine in Springfield, Massachusetts, Steve Austin mankind, and Billy Gunn defeated the rock, Ken shamrock and the big boss, man. So there you go that's your day and Steve Austin history for February twenty first coming up. We've got Ken shamrock on another classic episode of the Steve Austin show. Listen up at sports accident, NBA NHL and college basketball is hotter than ever and each game becomes that much more important or instance, in NBA, the Golden State Warriors are dominating they be stopped the bucks raptors at the top of the east but -ffiliated far behind. You've also got the Denver Nuggets making their claim. And don't forget about LeBron..

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