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Welcome to pure non fiction the podcast interviewing documentary filmmakers i'm tom powers the documentary programmer for the toronto international film festival in artistic director of doc and y c on this episode i talked to filmmaker judd appetito he's best known as a hollywood writer director of comedies like the forty year old virgin and knocked up the now he's directed a two part hbo documentary called the zen diaries of garry shandling the comedian garry shandling was known for two groundbreaking tv series one called it's garry shandling show and the other the larry sanders show judd's documentary charts the ups and downs of shanley's career and his search for meaning shandling specialized in a self deprecating humor that comes through in his first appearance on the tonight show in nineteen eightyone how many of you have been on that right at the small world at disneyland anybody scared on that ride just me great the worst thing about that ride is for the rest of your life in your head you hear that darn song for the rest of your life it's a small world nine nine gimme a break all right then i went on pirates of the caribbean i'm home cleaning my house best ride isn't it but i'm home cleaning my house and i'm going to go on and on and on the now i'm making love and i'm going yoho yo and the girls going it's a small world.

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