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Music station. Seven five K C L Walkin this morning and Katie. I have not been this hung over in a very long time. I think probably never what the hell. Did you do on a? What happened? By thirty percent. If you do. I did it it's bad. So we got a lot of snow, obviously. And my I live in a very, well you've been to my house. So you know, the neighborhood is deep deep in the neighborhood. And there's a lot of trees and not a lot of sunshine. That's melting any snow in that area. So my husband, and I spent like two and a half hours yesterday shoveling our driveway. Nine thousand feet long your driveway as long it doesn't look it. But it is. And so we're shoveling shoveling shoveling, and I'm I'm thinking there's no way that I'm going to be able to get out and down this driveway tomorrow morning in meetings. So I stayed at the Biltmore hotel last night along with Josie. And it's not enough to just be in a hotel and enjoy the quiet children's the kids Josie. Yeah. Yeah. Because my husband doesn't have to you know, he can work from home. We have to be here. And so my my neighborhood is extremely hilly. And I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get out in the morning. So I said, I'll just stay at the Biltmore, and I called Katie, and she was staying there. And she's like, let's go and get some cocktails bad mistake. We did not go out. Right now. And drank I can't even talk about it really have thrown six times this morning twice last night. Once almost inbetween katie's legs if she was peeing in our bathroom. Yeah. Didn't you wait sharing a room? With one room a piece, and then while we were out Josie insisted on showing everybody, the well me, and we had a another coworker who came out with insisted on showing me all of these scary videos from the Biltmore hotel and Biltmore people think it's haunted. It's yeah. It's to be. I mean, these are terrifying. Yeah. We'll think it is. I can't get down because we were to Sweden sleep last night. So when we we started at the hotel, we we both had our separate are separate rooms. And then when she insisted on showing me all of these terrifying videos, like I don't want to sleep by myself. Hotel ten o'clock last night, which you know, me I'm in bed normally by like seven. Yes, right. We said can we please trade in our keys and get just one room. Yeah. Beds. It did. I mean, even if it had we probably still would have shared a bed. But so we go in there, and and Katie goes into to use the restroom, and I'm like, I'm fine, and I lay down, and I was not fine. So I shot out of bed and said Katherine Katherine get up, and I went in the bathroom and katie's on the toilet. And I straight knocked out of the toilet. And just. Dog. Wait. Fasten your salad vomit again. I was changing my tampons..

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