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Did you just go back and start consuming everything you think you had to you because one one big thing that try not to do is I will watch it but I can't watch a lot of it at at one time because I think we all have the habit to kind of like copy order or to pick her yeah yeah yeah yeah so even even with Paul Heyman I will watch him but I won't watch a lot of Paul Heyman at one time because I don't want to a promo start saying my name is Blah Blah on my clients. It'd be so easy because he sounds so good and that's his thing yes says thing in unless those paying tribute to him but I think it'd be highly disrespectful to to do something like right so for me it was you know unless I was specifically assigned like I worked for <hes> one company at this point and I was I was I think the the second Gary Hart like this kind of what they want me to be so of course I'm going to try to pick up little things because I was specifically told us what they wanted me to do but for the most part it's you know I went back and I and I saw okay like this. Is this says what manager is supposed to be. Yes so you know let me let me try to figure out my own way about <hes> about doing what do you think sweet and sour Larry Sweeney. He's one of the best yeah I mean. That's because I was thinking about you today and I was like who does is if there was any comparison draw from and I. I always think that's high praise I know I know it probably uncomfortable for you but that's that's where I started because I often think like how far could Larry Sweeney of gone I mean I think he would have been signed. One hundred percent one hundred percent. I think he might have brought back managers years. Yeah I agree with you one hundred percent but also it's funny that you said that it's I think you have to give credit to Zelina Vega and also behind him to drink maverick. Yes yell so Lee Rush Rush because yeah absolutely they ushered in this this new era of of managers in dividend and all three of them are so I mean they just became so undeniable. Yes that you you're just a immediately. I mean Zelina Vega from Jump Street was like well this is this is like a whole nother. It felt like anything that got thrown at her. She was GonNa make better like I think she's incredible watching drake. You know kind of come on W._W._e.. And you'd go I didn't I did not see that signing happening and then you're going like okay for five live. I get it and you watch him become like a highlight of raw his killing. It's amazing. It's amazing what all all of those performers are doing and so they ushered in yeah this this opportunity for me to just gets on yeah and I appreciate it and it's nice to that that I feel like as a W._w._e.. It's gotta be nice for a person who's in the position that urine. I do feel like that as W._W._e.. Is kind of slowly bringing back the role of Mandra because they're not managers. Everybody's got different titles but actually liked it. Everybody has different titles because I feel like back. There was a time when it would just be okay. We have a bad guy. Let's put him with some manager and we'll just do it like this. It's a formula and now it makes sense like there's a reason it's not like Zilina. Vega is just this evil woman with this stable of bad guys yes should this is my client. I am business manager of this person. Paul Heyman is not like here's the Heyman guys yeah..

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