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Civic Center that polling location that one location serves ten times the number of voters assigned to the average polling place in Kansas on average, Kansas polling places serve about twelve hundred people this one in dodge city serves thirteen thousand registered voters there Alejandro told us this week that he's used to his dad having to wait in line for an hour or two every single time. He votes in every election because everybody else basically has the same plan every election to get off work at end of shift and rushed to the one polling place. The town has to cast your vote. And so it's always big long lines. The situation for voting in dodge City, Kansas has not necessarily been easy, right? Thirteen thousand registered voters all turning up for a single poll in place. But this year for Alejandro first time voting they have taken that one polling place for all of dodge city, and they have moved it out of town. Outside the city the county clerk explained that because of construction at the Civic Center where everybody used to vote this year. Instead that polling place would not be used, and she would move the polling place the single polling place for all dodge city to another location one that is completely outside the city now to the everlasting frustration of local officials the decision to tell dodge city voters that in order to vote this year, they literally needed to get out of dodge that decision hasn't gone over well in the local community, and in the local media, and to be honest. It has not come off as a purely logistical decision. The Ford county clerk announced in late September that she was moving. The polling location out of dodge city within days, the ACLU of Kansas called her up to say, basically, hey, this is a problem. They offered immediately to work with her in order to try to fix it to open more polling locations in dodge city that would be more able to accommodate dodge city voters. Then it emerged that the county clerk had given out the wrong address for the new polling place to hundreds of people who had newly registered to vote for the first time in the county this year, really on top of everything. Amid all of this wrangling and all of these things going going wrong. And what appeared to be a sort of cascade of bad faith, when it comes to running the election for dodge City, Kansas the ACLU tried one last time they reached out to the county clerk to ask. Okay. Given these changes given the confusion, given you handing out the wrong address, can you at least publicize our special voter helpline ahead of the election. Can you at least do that since you're apparently not going to fix this problem with the polling location? The Wichita eagle then reported that when the ACLU of Kansas reached out that way to the Ford county Clark asking her to publicize this vote or helpline for any voters who were confused the Ford county Clark didn't even respond to the she instead forwarded that E mail to the Kansas secretary of state's office saying, quote, this is what I got today from the ACLU L. So it's the top elections official in Ford county, Kansas, which is administering this election in dodge city LOL about voter helpline, am I right? And wonder of wonders the Republican secretary of state in Kansas. Chris Kobuk is also the Republican nominee for governor. So he's at the top of the ticket in the elections, and that's eight this year. He's running for governor after building his career on making it more difficult for people to vote in his state and even in the country, more broadly. He's the one who worked with President Trump to might try to make it harder to vote nationwide. Even crisco balk. When asked about that situation in dodge city..

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