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Now, I think we have to acknowledge sort of not the elephant in the room, but look, she had an unbelievable situation develop in front of her. She was taken back to last by Jose and you look at her fractions throughout. She's walking in the early portions of the race while the other girls are up there. I'm not sure what the the onus was or what the rationale was going. Ten furlongs twenty two and two forty six and three for a half, but eskimo kisses comes home in twenty four eighty one for some sort of perspective. The next best closer in this spot. Midnight be SU. She got her final quarter in twenty six thirteen. So I mean we're talking, you know, some obscene margin difference there and that's why eskimo kisses continued to pull away down the stretch. I think we've talked about again, the pace situation talk to me and she's Julie. They went out there and talk to me was the one that cut out the fractions. She's a Julie sat just off the fact that she's a jewelry ended up running second. I think this was a giant effort from her and I think Steve asked, listen, SETI goes from where she was at the beginning of the year to where she is now pretty impressive. She continues to improve. Look. I never liked her, but then I went back and watch that most recent run at prairie meadows, and I thought she was tremendous. She'll like secretary at out there. That's why I picked her in here. Dan Illman picked her in here. She got bet down to six to one and I was texting with illness after the race, and I sit. I'm heartbroken for two reasons one because I said that eskimo kiss would win this race back in may because I picked her in the Kentucky oaks and she had a little bit of a trip in there. And I thought she was terrible in that coach in American sector that day too. And unfortunately, I got off, it is what it is, but to beat the other favorites in here, she's a jewelry to finish ahead of them and have eskimo kisses. Be the one to come and get the job done, broke my heart just basically summed up my weekend. Nobody wants to hear me cry over spilt milk. The point is she's a jewelry, ran a very, very strong race in the spot at a distance that she doesn't really want. She just was able to outstayed the other favorites in the spot midnight be and talk to me. It sounds like she's Julianne midnight who they're both going to be considered the tilles coming up at parks next month that a mile in sixteen mile in eighth one of the two, somebody can fact check that. I think it's a great spot for both of them. I still do wonder with midnight zoo. I almost wonder if you're better off. I understand the sort of the draw is it's great one in its restricted to three year olds. A kind of like her going one turn still, and you could always look at the building that Belmont and I know maybe you could run in both theoretically, but it's a great one events. A mile in one turn, I'm sure you're going to get some really salty older horses in there, whether it's a in a late or someone else. But I kind of feel like it'd be a really nice spot for midnight zoo time time will tell how that goes. She's Juliet thought she ran well, midnight be simply didn't wanna go this far. Not gonna. Hold that against her. Talk to me considering she went as fast as she did to only be two next behind the second and third place finishers she ran a giant race in this spot, and I was very dubious about the distance for. I mean, obviously she didn't see it out. But at the end of the day, when you go that fast, there's hardly any horse that would ever be able to see out that distance. I really genuinely believe it. I don't know what the connections are going to do. I haven't read or heard anything about where they may choose to go..

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