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Yeah he was king because see he. He was only thirty years old when he become king. Because i were king. His father died in a airplane crash. Who are now. King was just born and his uncle was the king so the anchor was older than his father so he died in ninety seven to three like that amna we got a young young man to be the king so he was the king in the olympic games. As i think he had just been king. I don't remember when the olympic games was but they fall in love so they married and he he could keep the king title. He didn't need to go away from it. So so that risk today that that they can and in england the this red hair man a. I don't know what's his name is but He he he's he left to be to not be Thinking of being king because he decided to do it it was not that he was kick out from the royal family title because he married this these Woman around so bad in in royals who other cloquet them more than in the old time. But i think she was from south africa. A i think so australia. You'll know it. You laugh at me. Because i don't know but but He could hold it but he preferred to not have any of these title. He's why the man he the stake now. I don't think that he think but as a post that it doesn't matter for him he was in love him. He wanted to marry and he gave up the tide. So it's continue with this man. I met in the in the search for in the dna. And i can tell his a really addicted to Family tree search for search for an sisters and he can.

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