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This is a treatment plan. There is no cure, but these are ways that you can help manage it because there really isn't anything out there like it. So I created it. And for listeners who are maybe right now, wondering how could I possibly have this? This is something that you go to your OBGYN and they can run tests, or is this legit something that is so difficult to diagnose yet you have to be diagnosed Lapper Skopje so they have to go through in through your belly button. And I think that's the other thing is a lot of doctors. Don't want to go that far. I mean the it takes an average of ten doctors for a woman to be diagnosed. He's crop what does stage for me stooge for me. That's the highest by the way I am. I just doesn't. It. It's actually what's interesting with one, two, three, and four. It's not necessarily the how you can have stage one and being more pain than someone that has staged for. It's about the amount that's in your body. So the last surgery I had, they found thirty spots of it. There is some of my rectum I bow. I mean, it was covering my body. So that's the one, two, three and four. How has it affected your life? Who. I think that I manage it now before to not even to be dramatic and didn't want to wake up in the morning like it was not being able to get out of bed, not being able to function, and that's not just on your period. I think that's the other thing that people assume that when you have enemy trio, SIS, your knocked out for a couple of days on your period, the fatigue of having Indo just during the month can just be debilitating. So when you say fatigue, is it because of what's happening inside your body used? Have a level of like is it a melancholy mixed with fatigue? Can you kind of like in more layman's terms, exempt feel? I think I think someone I heard someone describe it once that you ran a marathon and then you stayed up with a baby all night night. And then you woke up again in the new, ran a marathon again and then it up with the baby all night. It's just this feeling of just exhaustion. And I know the reason. Why you have so much fatigue is because your body is in a constant state of inflammation overload. So you you're just constantly inflamed. And so you know, it's, I think the other thing that some people don't realize too is if you've never lived with a chronic illness it's day after day after day after day. So you get to a point where you think, why do I wanna wake up if I'm gonna feel like shit every day, right? So in correct me if I'm wrong, but I know that your book was inspired by all of this and the transference to a plant based diet. And I remember reading an excerpt somewhere. How you were talking about when you realize that you were going to go on this low inflammation diet and cut out dairy and sugar and gluten. And basically if your food, he like all the things that make the room go round and you talked about how there was a depression of sorts right when you decided to start eating this way. And that's something that I really to on a regular basis because I go through stints when I'll totally clean out my system because I don't feel good. Which is really hard for me because I don't like to be picky. I just like to experience the coronary world, it has it is. And so that's something that really makes me bleed. And I'm just so curious for people. There are so many people listening that I know have very specific dietary things that because of illnesses or or whatever it is is going another life. Do you have advice for them on how to stay positive and how to get to the other side? Yeah. I mean, I think it's it's sort of to compare it to a drug. I mean, it's a detox in some way. I think it has to get harder before it gets better. You know, that sounds negative, but you can come out on the other side. And I think that before I went plant based in clean and just it's not just food, we can talk about the other things.

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