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Blowing spirit connecting with this planet with his Earth. The energy and I feel good. I feel whole we need that connection. We also need a third element connection which would connect with other people do conversation through dialogue by being in the presence of other people by bringing someone new to the table by having a community for having people that hold you accountable having people that love you having people that tell you when you're doing right and so love you and tell you when you're doing wrong. We need that connection. We need like three levels of connection. Probably more self spiritually with our community. The conversation I had with Georgie was on many levels connects all three something that I knew. I needed to do S- connecting with my brother. My community my friend in on a deeper level of connecting with God. Because I knew I knew the episode have impact I knew when Jordan was named popped up my mind I knew was a god Scott ordained this something that was bigger than me when I hit him. Positive Jordi can you? He didn't hesitate. Sure I'd be honored bone. He could have been doing anything else. He has a family he has a career. He's in California present now. This is a god moment. I be honored. Let's make this happen soon because the time is here the windows open. Everything's lining up for impact. That wasn't episode of impact. That was the episode of honesty an episode of inspiration. So what are we GONNA do? Lewisham still grieving from the death of Ahmad are Burien the young lady in in in Lewisville Villain. Every time I go out jogging I think about.

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