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But that's why back at the Haywood ranch is the only black owned horse trainers in Hollywood. We like to say since the moment pictures could move. Yeah, skin of the game. That little joke gets a chuckle from one crew member and will be worth remembering later since Jordan Peele has built this whole movie around the idea of capturing an image no one has seen before, which is where the sci-fi part comes in. OJ and M, played by a wonderfully still Daniel Kaluuya and of forever bouncy Kiki Palmer, keep experiencing strange stuff on the Haywood ranch. And they become increasingly convinced that these strangeness is coming from above. What you see. Someone above the clouds. That's big. I'll be there. M figures this could be their Oprah moment if they can just get the right footage. OJ is skeptical. Ain't nobody gonna get when we gonna get it. We gonna get it. The money shots. Under malleable, since aliens on camera. To get the money shot, of course, they'll need a crusty old cinematographer named antlers. And a credulous young tech guy named angel. Aliens. They're just waiting for the perfect time to shove a metal probes up a. I'll be rooting for you. All of this still early stages in a story that manages to make credible threats from a TV sitcom ape that goes bananas. Yeah, nah, nah, nah. A one time child star who now looks star word. Horses turned into chapter headings. Cowboy themed amusement park, ominous house keys, coins, floppy, air dancing, balloon men, more elements and plot threads than peel can comfortably wrangle at times. Still, watching him release his inner Spielberg is certainly fun, not to mention his inner 50s sci-fi geek and occasionally to somewhat less stellar effect is inscrutable inner M. Night Shyamalan. What? Did you see in a cloud? It was not what you think. While heading off into so many different film styles, tangents and subplots may not be wise from a narrative standpoint, you have to

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