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This is going to be a multi year fight. why is it taking so long to get a screening test. It is not a hoax israel. Something that we have never experienced before wash hands wash hands wash and scientists are gonna tell me welcome. Welcome to science rules. Karuna virus edition. I'm your host bill nye and this is the series that brings you the latest analysis and the science of this pandemic to keep you informed prepared and calm. We are still all in this together. My friends as early monday. More than twelve million people in the us have been infected with the coronavirus with more than a million new infections in the last week and more than a quarter of a million deaths since january as the new york times pointed out. That's roughly the population of richmond. Virginia or fort wayne indiana or saint petersburg florida madison wisconsin scottsdale arizona reno nevada buffalo new york and you get the grim picture people and in case someone tells you oh everyone else's handling this just as poorly as way are great. That's also more than eighteen percent of all cova related deaths worldwide far more than are proportional share the. Us kinda sucks at this with a new president coming into office in january. Good news about vaccines on the way and bad news about infection surges. Before the holidays. There's a lot to take in right now here to help explain it. All is none other than dr tool gandhi. He's a surgeon author of books like the checklist manifesto and being more and for us today. His a member of president elect joe biden's new covid nineteen advisory board. Dr tool gandhi welcomed science rules. Corona virus. edition may call you tool. Yes i was going to say. I'm a huge fan bill. And i look forward to this podcast and the chance to meet you a while really it so this is electrostatic meeting. Everybody we are. It is fantastic distant but everybody wonders about the advisory board. How'd you guys meet is a virtual. Do you go to a room. You get tested or you're wearing masks go ahead. It's entirely virtual and it's thirteen really great people from Wide range of backgrounds from the person. Rick bright who got fired from barreda the i o medical advanced research and development which is the research agency that was behind vaccines and and rick ripe got in trouble for telling the truth and saying hydroxychloroquine wasn't going to be something that they recommended spending an enormous amount of money on because the data wasn't there while this is a group of folks who are coming from all kinds of backgrounds healthcare scientists and public health and so on and i just feel really lucky to be among them and you know we are plugging into a transition which is a sort of fake transition not a fake transition but it's a transition in transition we don't have an administration that has admitted yet that we can meet with agency officials to be ready on january twenty. I am a taxpayer and citizen. I'm voter what in the world is going on. So there was a coronavirus taskforce force. Did they accomplish much of anything and then are you able to speak with them. And so on wealth there are important things that career scientists everywhere from the cdc to the fda to barda to the nih national institutes of health have been doing that from Driving discoveries around testing driving basic facts and understanding about the virus Public health advice and guidance and then being part of creating driving new vaccines and tests and therapeutics. All of those people. There are many of them. They've been hard at work but There is a political administration that decides. Are we supporting those people. Do we put them forward and a lot of the public health. Wanna one basics. Are you put the scientists forward and when the facts aren't politically convenient. You You nonetheless recognize the scientists and doctors and experts and let them come forward. And and that's that's been a challenge as you now challenge a challenge. Put roughly. I got a couple of questions but put roughly. Is anything going to happen before january twentieth. Well i fully believe it will but it is extraordinary. I didn't interview the other day. Where dr fauci was on and then i followed and that was the only interaction. That's the closest kind of interaction. We're allowed to have at present. The reality is there some really fundamental things that need to happen right now We have a amazing news. As of today that we now have three effective vaccines According to preliminary data from the clinical trials you can you list them. Forward short head So number one is the pfizer Bio intech 'em aren a based vaccine that vaccine trial has now been completed and submitted their data to the fda approval and they found ninety five percent effectiveness in preventing infections of from the coronavirus. Now then madonna has also got an m. r. m. a. based vaccine and they also had ninety five percent effectiveness which is a remarkably high level of effectiveness. Lets hope that holds up in the months to come as they continue to follow these folks how. I think we all been intuition. How compares to a an influenza vaccine which is like fifty percent effective. Does that compare to polio. Vaccine for example. Yeah i don't have the numbers on the vaccine levels that are between there but this is among the highest right. So you you've rightly got the the range. The flu vaccine can be as low as twenty five percent effectiveness in a given year off around fifty percent. Then you'll have a vaccine is like the measles vaccine and Ebola.

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