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To prepare breakfast cereal. Dr John Harvey Kellogg, a beloved doctor to stars and presidents the first batches of fleet cereal with his younger brother will Kellogg will eventually turn that recipe into cornflakes and berthed multibillion dollar company together, the brothers transformed the American breakfast and help foster many of the ideas now considered central to health and wellness, but it all came at great personal cost. Their story is the focus of a new book out in paperback. The Kellogg's the battling brothers of battle creek. It's by Dr Howard Marquel? A medical historian at the university of Michigan and a regular columnist for the PBS NewsHour and Dr Howard Marquel joins me. Now, the clog name in American society is now, of course, hopelessly associated with breakfast and breakfast foods. But even before that they had especially John had some very pioneering ideas about health well before their time -absolutely, Dr Kellogg. Created the term that we would now call wellness, and so he prescribed all sorts of healthy living practices with the notion that it's far easier to prevent a disease than to treat it after the body is broken down. So he advised about good diets grain and vegetable diets, but no meat. He advised against nicotine or a smoking of any kind caffeine alcohol, and he prescribed lots of exercise and fresh air when people were not doing that at all they created a sanitarium in battle creek. And what was called a sanitarium, and it's centered around what you refer to as biological living. This was a term that they coined that mean that was the doctors term for wellness and the thought that you took care of your body, it it came from some of his religious beliefs as a Seventh Day Adventist..

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