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The root for Who do you think that they should get about bandwagon for Come on over to the A. C C network cash. Why are any of our 15 teams? We've got plenty for you to choose from. Do you want clips in whose idea competing for a national championship again? Yeah. Go Bronco Mendenhall. What's he going to do there? They won the coastal last year. There's no divisions this year. I mean, ash, you could also go North Carolina. I think that they have a chance to be the second best team in the A. C. C. Don't break my heart and saying Don't do it, You know, Honestly, I can't even think of who to root for. I'm a diehard USC Trojans fans that those are the on ly games that my date could either be made or ruined by on Saturdays during the fall, So Yeah, I love Davos. Sweeney, like always root for that guy. Always loved Mack Brown always root for his teams assigned me to a team. I don't really care because basically this year doesn't count for me and I'm onto the NFL. You're part of the A C C network with us. You have to start hurting you. All right, So we're in the middle of the NBA playoffs right now, if you had to build team from scratch, Would you rather build your team around? Damian Lillard, Luca Daunted or Kwai Leonard? Easy, Easy, Luka. And I think I don't know if everyone would have said that during regular season but the way Luca has played in the postseason, put the team on his back. He carried the load. As I said, without Christophe, Sporting is no problem. He had a lot of support from a bunch of decent players. I think on his team guys, they really wouldn't be like wowed by, but I think Luca came in and was clutch 43 points tonight. Triple double. I think I would want Luka. I think we've seen Kal I's been inconsistent, so I can't rely on him. In the postseason, and Dame has fallen off out of dislocated finger in the last one. I wouldn't really want him either, even though of course in the first round, or I guess in the pre playoff bubble has been outstanding. So I love the Recency buys that you have, because that's exactly how I am like. If you would have asked me that last week, I would have said Dame Cause Dame was super hot right now what I would say. Luca because of what he did today. I did college football sidelines last year, and we have beatings on Fridays with the coaches and the players, right And every meeting we walk out of I'm like, gosh, that's my new favorite coach. So we've got to be a joke by like week eight that whoever we were talking Tio Chris Cotter, Mark Herzlich would look at me and be like that's your new favorite coach..

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