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Why how in the world did Apple's supposed- Monday March twenty fifth event at the Steve Jobs theater? How did it leak some foreign advance? Well, because they're talking suppo-. If it's true, they are talking to magazines and newspapers about a subscription, apple news service in they're talking to various TV movie type companies about. I guess about you know, some kind of subscription TV service yet video service, including which celebrities it'd be on stage. You know, that's not going to s a secret. It's not going to take right? I'm interested in what you think about it. And I'm guessing that if this is true that this would be an event wear if there are any products to announce it might be there's a lot of smoke the Nuff smoke that there's probably a fire to the fact that there's going to be some kind of reef refresh to the air pods lineup. With the. Case that charges. Yeah. I'm just going to say wirelessly, but I really don't actively because it's not really wireless if it doesn't go over the air. But the wireless charging case also a the air pods might come in black which is interesting, and I think would prove very popular. But it's kind of interesting because they went with the we've got one set of ear buds and white and you're gonna like it for a long time while they were wired, and you have used that for a very. Successful ad campaign. They were right conic. I write like what the ads made them. You know, emphasize, the iconic nature of apples white ear buds, you remember those ill very very colorful adds where the, you know, very colorful, vibrant colors of people dancing listening to music with these white your buds and wires coming out, and they didn't even need to show the ipod, right? And if anyone was wearing white year, but it didn't matter if they were apple you just to see you were listening to an ipod. Right. And so, you know famously today, you know, the pods are very very popular product their subject of memes. You know, think you're rich if you have air pods, but they're so popular now, and they're very again, I kind of you know, and for however much Gulf that people gave them in thought that they looked goofy. When they came out, which I never understood I even wrote about this. I don't understand why people thought air pods looked weird because they looked exactly like Apple's wireless wired ear pods. Without the wires. It is I understand why people felt a little. Self-conscious? I did I felt self conscious. When I first started wearing air pods. Those big old bluetooth headsets as well. To not because I thought I looked goofy. But because this is so weird right after years and years of wearing wired ear air pods. It felt so weird to put them in and not have anything holding them in place. Like, it's you know, you could like to think that they design them not to fall out of your ears. But it sure looks like they would fall out of your ears. It turns out for most people with most years. They don't which is amazing. But when you that's what made me conscious. No, maybe not self conscious. But it just seemed to me like when I first had airplanes. I felt I never I was thinking about them all the time because unlike don't fall out don't fall out don't fall out. And then eventually you get used to it and they become the new normal. But anyway, switching to black or offering black. I guess they're not gonna switch. But offering black is an option takes away a little bit of that icon, ick nature. Yeah. I mean, we are in the age of fashion, especially with wearables, and we saw that with the watch where different casings and different bands. My only because when John Petoskey mutual fund John Petoskey broke the rumor about the event he said very specifically that he heard there, we're not going to be air..

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