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And he's athletic. Go more than sure post player. So he's not your typical five. Where if you go small. He's like relegated to He can't play at all but he's athletic enough that he can stay with a with a guy who's a smaller stretch for which which i think gives advantage but they also have the ability to those small when they bring when when they put him to the bench and the essentially played collins five so i i think that they have a lot of different ways to beat you. I i've been super high million forever. I don't understand how he keeps getting fired from jobs. All he's doing is getting wins all but you know how that goes. The black coach deals up. a team. takes brings me to a certain level. And then they get him out of there for some for some flashy white dude who supposedly can get them over the top only to see that team do much worse. I remember when they did that to him seattle. I remember them doing it to him. In indianapolis indiana and now he gets an opportunity to you know so how good he was because as soon as he took over the head coach at atlanta it was. It was an uptick and and to me. That's that's one of those things that i look at tim and what's his able to just so for me. It comes down to. What are the other guy's going to do. And i wouldn't be surprised if we see rose go four donkey in this in this series. Like he's been. This is his time like stars. Don't ever stop van stars. People just stopped looking at them that way but this is the type of series where you can see their roles average twenty plus a game because he's that dynamic and you can tell this is probably the see last year when he was with a choi early on like his body is starting to feel back to his as healthy as it can possibly be you know and i think that that should be x. Factor i agree with you. I think this is a four three game. Four three series definitely is going seven. I'd be surprised if he doesn't if you made me too if you made me choose. I'm going. I'm going next the to eyewitness to i. I had goal nets. I just think that a game seven is going to be mcmartin. Knows what the health restriction they wanna be by that time they might even have full stadiums going to have fifty percent for. And i think that's gonna be a tough spot for young hawk squad out the whole. I think this is gonna gain home. Court is i think the home court is gonna matter what i'm saying so you know what i'm saying so i i'm with you there okay. So we tap. Don't tell a man. Jason tatum who i know. You're not crazy about but breakdown on the on the nets and the celtics cobra quick. I i don't think this past five game. I've got four. I'll be surprised every surprised if they if they don't get so. I just think when you go ahead and you look at this. And they've got no brown's got no brown. So it's it's it's tatum. It's marcus smart. Who i think is one of the toughest dudes in the nba. It's and so i look. I'll look at those three right. And then i say so you say them marcus smart. And then you say. Casey heart and hurry by. What are we talking about it. It's it's it's no no fits to the to the to the celtics but there's a different caliber of town on the court and what people don't understand about it. You don't necessarily have to have the chemistry that people believe you have to have when you have that level of talent and the reason is is because all three of those dudes shoot they all can handle ethnic all can shoot so at any point in town you got three guys who can initiate offense and three guys who don't who don't care about dishing it and three guys who will shoot it in your mug so anytime you go to the bitch you're going to have one of those three guys on the courts have time where all three of them off off the court at the same time which means anytime there on the court solo they just go back to dominate and like they've always dominated right but you don't hit arrest you don't get any type of places even though okay. They went to the bench. We can make a run like you know when your plan the lakers does want to be a time when they take the bronze out there and then eighty plays a few more minutes when they go put. Ad there's a point in time when you have a lebron on the bench and you're like okay. This is where we gotta take advantage of this few minutes and bring whatever leave they have. We got a he got a break it down or whatever leave we have. We've got extended you don't get that with the net and that's what people haven't really seen yet because they haven't played a lot together but you're about to see it like the restrictions are off playoff time these go tom. Yes no time for them. And i don't even wanna get deep into the next to the next round. That's i think right now. Over bossom which i think is a four road sears series think stevens while the solid coach i think the team was coming tune out because he he again doesn't know how to use kimber walker or timber point guard. I can help others get shots. Themse- facilitator on that team. Everything they do is so hard boston play. I'm i'll take 'em keep making all these hard shots and even of tatum is dropping thirty five or thirty eight a game. It's not enough to overcome brooklyn everything they have on the table. So i'm with you there. Is i think another four three series in the east is he. And i know everybody loved the bucks and i know the buffs of me all the trade to get all the get autumn. Necessary pieces the data. They need to make this run. What i'm untung more obvious thing that the heat had a confidence about them. The the just just says that that That they're going to be there. They're not gonna nowhere. And i think between spo- and jimmy northern hand a little bit of recurrence spoiling genetic jimmy. Whatever this playoff tom man. That's it specialists past. We talk about spo- jimmy bam you know. I mean you've got you've got hero robinson. Those guys out of that is the worst possible natural or bucks. I think they played right into the buck style. Often they can they can they can. Jimmy knows how to grand game..

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