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I came back from from shooting Kennedy and came back into the green room and he was on and I was like Holy Shit. You've gotta be kidding me and then one of the producers for the show goes he had a hit the smarting with gray hair like he was on a Fox News show this morning with gray hair and then that evening he's on with not one by by the way if you're a man in your seventies what the fuck are you doing dying your hair. You Look Insane. You see Lou. Dobbs will do that to some of these like really you're seventy five and you don't have one gray hair. You know how crazy that looks guys wrinkly face with not one gray hair when you're still sleeping with children you gotta put it every bit of Cather. Try and bridge the gap. You're trying to get this eight year old buzzer not that's why I got the nine year old hat on. You know you gotTa do what you can you going going undercover as the kid exacting operation all right. I'll pass these dirty pedophile in Washington. My sweet sweet ass. I will say tolls CEST. Tulsi Gabbard is is look. She took one step further further winning me over and winning you over to that. I thought was pretty. It is almost as if she knows that she's courting some MHM degree of the Libertarian Support because she cosponsored in audit the Fed bell which was like that was kind of out of left field to me. I mean I always thought of Tulsi as a one trick pony. You know the war issue and okay fine. I don't care that's your one trick is is the most important trick and you've got that right so I'll I'll let this other stuff go but now you're telling me she's GonNa fuck in. She's down for auditing the Fed like where. Where did that even come from? I'm sorry someone must be inner ear or something I mean I know that she's gone to the Ron Paul Institute before so maybe one of those guys got it you know maybe someone explained it to her or that. There's a connection between the war state and central banking like it's funded yeah. Oh it's not a coincidence rate that like I if you look at the Federal Reserve was created in nineteen thirteen was at five years later were in a world war. A couple decades later were in another world war. It's and then we basically have been at war since then. It's not a coincidence that the century of total war was the century that we had the Federal Reserve. That's because even teyat rations. It's totally different ballpark. You know well yeah but you still had the Fed printing up a ton of money the fucking at and of course none of this saying if we don't have to taxed for it it's much easier for people to go all right. You can kill people over there. Oh absolutely as long as I can still you know eat my barbecue on Sundays and car payments and even if if you have to <hes> even if you if you just borrowing the money without you know <hes> messing with the interest rates or printing money you're going in a see that in the interest rates rate right if you're just selling government bonds you're going to see that in an open market not the Fed market like a genuine open market. You're going to see that an interest rates. There's going to be an effect there. So there's all these natural factors that will kind of at they will at least put a lot of pressure on the people <hes> who might eventually go yet. Do we really fighting for by and pretend like e Got Goldie. GotTa covered yet. That's right. I guess we'll take.

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