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The art of a novelist ins as a storyteller and it was made before under its original name in cold blood late '60s and robert blake played the part of perry smith one of the two killers scott wilson slightly ahsan and uh so people had visited this turf before and then there was another capote movie the came out you know daniel craig until rate and but uh you guys and then they're all good the you know there's no no point in comparing because they're all good because the story so great in the work that everybody did with so superior but man you just you you'd essentials down our spy um no no question that i appreciate that that now now and then you've got to work with another terrific direct you've got to work for inari to l i in babbel battle henda a you're you're not in a lot but you're there and it was a let me to work the you know there's that the trilogy gehrmann pedro now the honda roll like the trilogy of of in my opinion ara ditching is directors um he he pitch me he pitch be babbel and i was i was doing little shin the airplane akejan plan a kid 180 boy they are now down to buy neshat vows plane that guy when alessandro called me in abs in the middle of a thunderstorm unease pitching meets like the scene in the movie with the man who taste it the hash to his stomach at all brad davis is yes that man in the cover on an and he's pitchman the pressures of the police cannot to the plane and did at us midnight express.

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