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Radio. Even if you're not going to be by the radio, you can always stay connected. Just download the I heart radio at throwing your earbuds. You can stay connected anytime anywhere at 6 47 Other news we're watching tonight, One of the state's major health insurance companies says they're offering up some new help. When it comes to vaccines. Merely having the vaccine is no guarantee will achieve herd immunity. There are lots of barriers and hurdles that our community face language culture in some of our communities. We say presidency are reluctant to have the vaccine. The nation is another. People have lots of questions about the vaccine, and that's completely understandable. And we can't overlook transportation, says Blue Cross Blue Shield senior V. P. J. McQuade. So his company has started a million dollar grant program, which offers ride services for residents and underserved communities and vulnerable populations. We can find some ways creative ways to be able to help in these communities get to and from those vaccination sites will be going a long way to addressing what is one of the most challenging barriers that we face. Chris Mama W BC Boston's news radio well here in Massachusetts. Many essential workers aren't eligible to get the vaccine until step three of this current phase. The pushes on around the country, though, to get the vaccine to a group of workers who since day one of this pandemic have been working hard on the front lines. New calls today for grocery store workers to get expedited Corona virus vaccine access along with hazard pay. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union says workers continue to face exposure to the virus. The nation's largest grocery worker union says that covert 19 is to blame for at least 400 food worker deaths and the CBS is Diane King Hall. Some 12th graders and Lynn have returned to the classroom this week in person for the first time in nearly a year whether it's facility of tools in the auto body shop with a buzz of clippers in the cosmetology classroom, Lynn Vocational Technical Institute is usually a pretty noisy place, but Been pretty quiet since last March. Only on Monday. Did some students return seniors? What was the reaction from the kids who returned to school on Monday? There was a lot of huge smiles. Um, and there was this. There was this, um, appreciation and ingratitude And so many. Thank you's. That's the principal Korisa Cara Cadence. They can still learn remotely. But around 100 seniors have returned physically for half days as they worked their way within person Learning toward graduation. Carl.

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