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Back up there of about seven minutes or so from Parker Road. Katie London on the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center 2 Ft. Of rain over on the other side of the Gulf in the Northeast goal for Sally made landfall early this morning. Predawn hours. Boy Northwest Florida has really been handed a tough storm surge with that eastern quadrant of the eye wall pushing towards Pensacola and Northwestern Florida. Different picture here. We're not far from records this afternoon with middle nineties or record high today 97 Look tonight 77 Low nineties again tomorrow. Go dry into the weekend meteorologist Scott Larrimore at the Weather Channel. It's 90 degrees in Galveston. It's 93 of each top tax defenders 24 hour Weather center. Katie are each news time 301. Our top story remains. Sally Sally is slowing up a bit. It's now week into a tropical storm is moving about five MPH, north of the Alabama Florida border, but the region is still being slammed with life threatening flooding. Fort Bend County Judge KP George uses his state of the county addressed today to announce a new partnership with a familiar name and Harris Harris County to prove the hurricane preparedness in Fort Bend. I recently tapped former Harris County adamant to lead a magic study. Important county evaluate the status ofthe our evacuation routes health plan for future expansion of fruits and identify one thing, sources changed to a focus on our emergency network. Fort Bend County is asking voters this November to approve funding for a traffic monitoring network. See I am Vanesa G and Bill is formally introduced in the US House today. The bill is named after the Houston Army specialist who was found murdered earlier this year. Ian's family attorney.

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