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Prices were about to come down. Let's say for the sake of argument. They're all just to make this clear easy example. They're all at ten dollars right now and they were gonna come down to five dollars. Make your life a lot easier. But then the government prince a ton of money and so they stay at ten dollars right. they didn't they. Were gonna come down to five. But they stay at ten because the government printed all this new money and we have all of this inflation. Well if you're just measuring the prices you would say. There was zero inflation right because it was ten dollars and it stayed at ten dollars. If you're just measuring the cpi the of course leave out for the fact that the cpi doesn't account for housing or energy or any of that shit but if you're just measuring the prices you'd say there's been zero inflation here but if you look at the money creation you'd say oh no no no. There's been a ton of inflation and which one of those would more accurately describe what happens. Well obviously looking at the money because the prices may not have changed. But they were about to be much more affordable and now they've been kept out of reach so anyway that's just one thing to have in the back of her head that anytime you're creating all this new money and credit especially when it's going directly into the system and not just sitting in reserves For at big banks. You've already created the inflation so the inflation has already been created. And now we're just looking at what the effects of it are so that just keep that in mind. The distortion and the the robbing of the american people has already happened. It's just what's the cpi doesn't measure when you pick up your cinnamon toast crunch and there's one piece of toast in there because they gotta to keep sizing down to keep it at the same price. Now it's not a great bowl cinnamon toast. Crunch that is a that is that is true. All right guys. Let's take a moment and thank our sponsor for today's show which is tale of two brothers dare to live. Sean dempsey wrote this children's book. During the heavy handed government lockdowns after being inspired by the great tom woods and his accurate portrayal of people choosing to merely survive.

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