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Build up your confidence. And and I think that it's always good every year just to kind of reevaluate your preparedness. You know, for the hurricane season. So what? You know there's obviously the necessities all the what ifs. What if I lose power, you know What if if water starts entering my home, those kind of things um and none of those are fun things to deal with. So just thinking ahead, I think is priority and Making sure you have all your supplies. You know your batteries, your water, your food, Those kind of things. Generator is ideal. If you have those, um You know, but something I would probably do is a walk around of my property. Um, you know, pay attention. Kind of like you don't normally pay attention and look at You know, does does your property. Sit? Where where water is going to gather against the home? Um, you know, as it piles up if you get these heavy Florida rains and you're seeing Kind of sloppy yard where it's real close to your house and kind of swamps up a little bit or gathers near your garage door. There's a very good chance that if a hurricane comes through, you're going to have some problems. And so that's where you'd want to think ahead and Think of going ahead and prepping with sand bags and getting ready and having those on standby just in case you need them. Um, I think that's really smart. The other is Look up. Look at look at your roof and your soffit and your face to your windows and Just pay attention as you walk around and just see if there's anything that looks like it's compromised if you've got missing shingles, um On your roof. Then you've got exposed nails and could have exposed underlayment and You know, And if that's been there for a long time, you could have exposed wood. And so those are just not good things to have when you're trying to protect your biggest asset, and so, um, the way to, you know, to be on top of that is simply have someone come look at the roof. You know, I know my company is we do complimentary evaluations and inspections of the roof. If you're worried about the integrity of your roof, and you're not able to get up there, not comfortable getting up there, Which is something that's important to please always be safe than have somebody who's trained how to do it. Come out, and I'm happy to do that. Our companies is absolutely happy to come out and just make sure you're ready. And you touched on it a little bit. But let me ask you more pointedly say a hurricane or even just a bad storm does come through, and I think, Wow, that might have damaged my roof. If I'm going outside to see if my roof is damage. What are some telltale signs that Oh, yeah, I might have a problem up there. Yeah. I mean, I'll preface this again because I don't want anybody climbing up on their roof that that shouldn't be. Um, and a lot of times, I mean, even even being trained like myself. There's times I get up on the roof, and I'm like, Whoa, maybe I should have approached this one a little bit more careful. Because you know, sometimes there steeper than they look and all that. But we're trained on how to do that. And You know, so so please be careful Ladders can be very dangerous Roofs can be very dangerous. But if you're if you're able to kind of get a step out in the street and look back at the house and From the curbside. If you're seeing shingles that are lifted if you're seeing shingles that have been torn off or kind of flapping around up there That's an obvious sign that there's been wind damage because the only thing that causes that is wind, you know, for a shingle to be removed from home. Um If you recently we had that storm in April. With the big hailstorm. You know, those are a little harder to see. Those hail impacts are harder to see from the ground. But what happens is when hail impacts of roof. It just it compromises it. It breaks it down to the matting of the shingle and deterioration happens rapidly from that point. So if you were affected on April 11th please let us come out and check that out as well. Um, if you have gutters on your home, and you can put a ladder up and just look in your gutters if you've got a ton of Granules, you know, like the asphalt Granules that are that are falling off of the roof. They'll gather in your gutters, and that's another really good indicator that your roof is probably compromised or very brittle or not really in the condition to withstand Big storm, or maybe it's on the end of its life. And obviously, if you're seeing those things in your yard like a shingle in in the yard, Um you know that That's important, too. And then there's the very obvious if you're seeing a brown spot in your ceiling. It's one of two things. It's It's an AC duct leak. Um or, uh, I'm sorry. Three things a plumbing leak, A C leak or a roof leak. And you need to have that looked at immediately because, um If you've got an active leak that can turn into some pretty severe interior damage very quickly, and that's something nobody wants to deal with. If you want to call universal roof and contracting, have them come on out and look at your roof. You can check them out a universal roof dot com or you can call them at 4075458836. That's 475458836. But if you've got a question for Corey right now, whatever we're talking about your like, Hey, that does Spring up a little quandary in my mind about my roof. I wish I could ask him. You can just give us a call. We've got open lines 8445809326 again Call right now We're taking your roofing questions. Hurricane season is here. The storms are coming summer is right around the corner. 8445809326 Cory, I want to ask you a personal question. I just bought.

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