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If you just go in the strictest perms possible divvy grappling what. I would even look at the tape because not only does he not have any type of ceiling. I want to draft a quarterback that has a high ceiling He he also could lose his job at any moment of the season. so he's not someone. I'm even wasting a late round pick on. There's far too many other quarterbacks As long as you're in a one quarterback league like i want to even consider looking his way Obviously if you're in a two quarterback league you're super flex league which means you can start a quarterback in your flex spot. Then garoppolo is going to be in play. But i i mean i might even consider taking justice fields over or not. Just feel sorry trae lands over here. Sorry i got the fields in my head. I taking trae lands over him holding him on my bench and hoping he wins the job. 'cause land starts he's going to be an instant fantasy like contributor. He's going to be so good for fantasy football due to his legs like it's chico for quarterbacks and if he starts more than twelve games i can see him sneaking into the top twelve immediately of quarterbacks. Where we'll if it's one quarterback league what about as a backup quarterback option no. We don't you don't draft backup quarterbacks in one quarterback leaks. Don't waste not. Don't waste of backup quarterback. Use your waiver wires for that. No actually my league. You can't end the draft. Unless you have two quarterbacks on your roster go get different league. What does that mean why. Why go get it. You want me to pick up a league off the waiver wire. You can't start to cord accident one quarterback league. You're just wasting bench spots and depth of like go try to hit on another wide. Receiver lake grow. Go grab any rookie wide receiver. That has a chance to break out at least gives you percent chance of something You can fine quarterback cestari if you need to on the waiver wire all season long. I'm stunned at this advice. And i have to change my whole week. Setup now you have to take two so that means everyone has to. And then. I won't be as many quarterbacks on the waivers it does depend on your league right like if everyone's owning two quarterbacks that you can't just use the waivers but the league's i plan. If i'm gonna one quarterback league we all just kind of you know take one. There's some people who will take too but you know there's so many like you just play with the match up so you know baker mayfield probably won't be drafted but if he gets a matchup against the bengals it's like okay. That's a nice week to play. Pick them up off waivers. Then if i need to those are the expert fantasy football leagues that you plan. Those are the those. Are the expert ones where we don't waste our draft picks on a backup quarterback. Well okay one more on this and then we can move. I like the fact though that if because every team has to pick up an extra quarterback and they can't like you were saying trafton extra wide receiver draft an extra running back that when you do need to go to the waiver wire there's actually like legitimate credible options there because people's benches aren't packed with guys because of the quarterback rule. That's fair and i will say if i was a nearly and i have to take a second quarterback i'm not taking the jimmy garoppolo who zero ceiling. You can find jimmy garoppolo's on your waiver wire even people having to like there'd be someone there that has a nice matchup but i will take a rookie as an trae lance and hope. He gets a starting job out. Take justin fields helping. It's starting like that's the guy. I'll be happy keeping my bench. Because if when he takes over they can instantly be top twelve fantasy quarterbacks because of their rushing upside that even find like jack wilson. 'cause you know he gets the start week one. He doesn't have the same type of rushing upside. but i do think he'll put up two hundred and fifty rushing yards a kinda like just justin. Her ulta get into the end zone with his legs. So like those of quarterbacks. I would take a head of take a second quarterback and the other fantasy question that. It's not wanna get because you basically scan your timeline for fantasy advice and the thing i saw this week was interesting. You have a philosophy when it comes to later round. Picks in your draft yes. The philosophy is stop digging in the weeds. So i put out this series called how to be a gold digger. And it's taking golden the late rounds and digging for gold doesn't mean to take tevin coleman in the double digit ron's because he might get some carries with the jets. It doesn't mean taking it. Oh god forbid like larry fitzgerald. Everyone loves to take late right. He's not even on the team right now but this is a player that everyone's like. Oh well he'll be okay. We'll take them in the double digit rounds. Glaciers stop wasting your draft. Picks on these guys. You know what they're going to give you and it's nothing if they have zero ceiling. Don't take them. Because like i keep saying you use your waiver wire so take a shot. I wanted these rookies. Take a shot on a guy like bershad pyramid. Who's going to be the wide receiver one on the lions take. A shot entree sermon late. Because he could win the starting job You know if they fail they fail. You cost like nothing but at least you took the shot if you hit the league winner if they hit you drop them and you try a gun on the waiver wire is because there's always other people that are going to break out that you can go grab on the waivers And just wasting a draft pick. Late is just years burning it and putting it in the garbage. Because you know they're going to score eight points a week and be completely pointless via roster okay. There are so many things. I love about what you just said. First of all. I feel like we missed an opportunity with the name of the show when it comes to gold diggers like come. That would have been perfect. I thought of that. Yeah we can still change it gold diggers second of.

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