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Murphy going yard here's Murphy swing a long drive These Daniel. Murphy Oh someone else wants to three, run Homer Mark Brown old step. Right up the pitch swung Reynolds it to, the center semi Jackson back way back the warning track Green The left centerfield second benching Of the year for Mark Reynolds and it's now Washington. Twenty, four New York, one oh but my favorite those calls. Courtesy, of, NATs radio network but oh, my favorite portion of this My absolute favorite thing that can happen and major league baseball we're in any sport this is not me belittling your vocation major. League baseball or major league baseball fans because my favorite portion of last season's when. The Green Bay Packers had to put a defense attack at offensive guard in National Football League game and last night watching Jose Reyes is. Going, for his first, action for the Mets I action and. First, instance, of a position player pitching Chefs. Kiss absolutely felt great now Jose Reyes then it was all fun and games until. The mouth before Utah is fun you know but when Title Saint people, hit a. You know Are? You serious. Because are not a patient, I don't. I don't want to see you know so. I went to, see you out there. Like I said I do the best I came first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app like that was. Just the way it went last night you. Got the. Mets, starting to think about all right. Well we're already getting our kicked in we might we may as well not go ahead and exhaust all our relievers for the next, few days live to fight another day but here's how it all. Kind of, shook out for the nets, because again if you're, the Mets You're out. You're just trying to kind of come down? From what's. Going on at the trade, deadline Bryce. Harper was the one big name we really. Had to latch, any sort of storyline. Onto around the trade deadline and that's a stressful thing to see in the news I'm sure for a team that we talk about is. Only five five and a half games back. In that. Division, might still have something to play. For down. The stretch people not ready to trust some of the teams in front of them all these things that we've heard already, but still you had your best players name floated out there and. Trade talks, for a few days You had your best, player potentially leaving town you already understand that that's coming this offseason potentially having to deal with that And so what's the perfect rebound you go out you put up numbers like this against the Mets on Tuesday five. Players with at least three RBI franchise record five players. With at least three hits tied for second most in franchise history eight players multiple hits tied, for second in franchise history nine starters scored. Multiple runs the first team to do that since the nineteen Seventy-nine California Angels Twelve players with a hit It was an offense of explosion for them last night, and, on the, other side boy oh boy What are you even. Say if you're the Mets when you walk away from this.

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