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I think the people who are calling for Jim nill's heads are actually not watching the hockey game and they don't understand the team that's been built. This is a perfect playoff team and I think anyone who doesn't see that just doesn't understand how GM Egg Works at all. And you know what? I wonder if he learned that so after the Lindy Ruff area when it was all run-and-gun score 675 goals every single game. Maybe you learned that he maybe you know, maybe you learn that you know, but and you know, he's thinking like maybe a regular season really good team. Does it mean anything when you get to the playoffs? All you have to do is be in the top eight so you could be the 8th seed you could be the 8th seed and be a good playoff team and still go to the Stanley Cup finals home. So and we've obviously seen that in the past ten years or so just because you're the best team in the NHL does not necessarily mean you go and win the Stanley Cup the stars in nineteen ninety nine were the exceptions but everybody was saying about Tampa Bay that Tampa Bay was a lock for the Cup last year and what happened they got swept in the four by the Columbus Blue Jackets who? Where the 8th seed and we're not expected at all to take that series and it completely busted my bracket by the way last year and Acquisitions Jim Nill made after that playoff series with the blue box. He definitely learned from it. He picks up cogliano like who knows who cogliano is? Why are we getting this random guy from the Ducks picks up Como? Why are we getting Como? He's a nobody from nobody team, but he saw their play. He knows that their Grinders and they're going to fight on the boards and he built one of the I think the best checking line and in the NHL right now the best fourth line anywhere around so I think he completely understood what he was doing when was building those guys. Those were just oh, I'll get these guys cuz we lost our other guys. He he wanted those guys for this playoff team. They were centerpieces every one of the choices a centerpiece. This is a it's great team. This is this is making me more and more excited more and more excited just with how this team is built and you know completely off blowing my expectations of what the series was going to happen. And this is looking like a Stanley Cup playoffs, you know, like a Stanley Cup Contender team even more so than I thought during the Calgary series. I thought we got away with the Calgary Series in a way, but I think of anything right now. We just manhandling these Avalanche we are getting on top of them and making someone else other than the top-line scorer and they can't do it..

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