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Fair number of the cases because i didn't know going in at all what do they were anything they were very violent murderers and some were serial killers this is james fallon james fallon professor of psychiatry and human behavior university of california irvine school medicine author of the book called the psychopath inside it has a longer title but the psychopath inside will get you there james is a scientist who studies the brains of psychopaths he lives on a cul de sac on the uc irvine campus he married his childhood sweetheart when i got there he was preparing to go to a hockey game with his son the people he studies feel a million miles away from here for legal reasons james can't reveal any details about the psychopaths but some of them were famous for how heinous their crimes were james's job was to get inside the minds of these killers i started receiving pet scans from the early nineties and those included killers who are psychopaths and so i looked at him and then took the notes on what areas of the brain were got a dysfunctional turns out that the psychopaths had this pattern i don't want all man's know for neuro anatomist like me seeing patterns is everything and so when i saw that i saw anderson patterning nobody had ever really talked about it basically what james saw were these big dark spots in the brain places where there was little or no activity these were the areas where things like moral reasoning and impulse control come from the place where we manage our most base instincts there are also dark spots for empathy originates that sad feeling you have when you see someone you love crime psychopaths don't get that feeling james studied these minds for years piecing together this puzzle climbing patterns then one day james was at his desk in his office i was sitting in my office the medical school was surrounded by piles of printouts and print outs were different types of scans all these analyses that have been looking at murderers james had a lab of tax and students working with them on this on this day one of them came to his office with a pet scan attack was confused about something this brain was supposed to basically be a healthy brain scan should have been glowing with activity colored red and blue and.

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