NFL, Utah, Steph Curry discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


But golden state got waxed by utah last night waxed and all after say about that is so it's over that nothing to play for nothing to play the zero to play for locked into the two seed the minute that steph curry went out for significant playing time and and houston put the pedal to the metal with a big fat win streak of their own and that was it for the seating i don't how many times have you seen t it's the constant conversation that used to be had in the nfl when the nfl before the nfl changed its week sixteen weeks seventeen schedule be chock full of divisional matchups removing the whole taking a knee on the regular season that we used to see that reached the height of absurdity when bill polian essentially told jim caldwell take a knee on a an undefeated season if you recall that a few years ago in indianapolis it's the we used to have the conversational can the team flip the switch yes they can flip the switch the switch is going to get flipped the only question is going to be is how much more difficult will be this year than last year and they only lost once in the playoffs i am not concerned about golden state whatsoever only lose once in the point i don't i think it's going to be a tougher sled this yeah do you like them to win the championship how do you not.

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