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Promo code F F B today. That's promo code F. F E for ten dollars off your first seek purchase because seek life event we end the tickets. Cavs cell. All right. Sure thing. So you don't mean we're in the office league auction couple of weeks ago, and I was saving two dollars for a closer that nobody seemed the once and somebody else that we work with was also apparently saving two dollars. And he brought him up before me, and that closer has seven saves in the first ten games and the guy that I got with those two dollars wasn't the walkie starting pitcher Corbin burns who was given up a lot of run. So I'm not to please. And by the way, that seem of mine is a mess. It has has some of the worst starting pitcher so far. But guys you can't drop at water Rodriguez reports still low. Hello. Kyle hendricks. I can't drop any of those guys. So ask Kyle about that priscilla's name. I'm sure he would wouldn't draft him. That's true. True. But so we talked earlier about Gary Sanchez as being a high guy Shane green is off to a tremendous start. He's not walking people. He's not giving hits. He hasn't. Exactly face. Great offenses either. But why can't Shane and we kept saying in green was going to be bad again this year? But why can't he be good? Now. Why can't you have an era of three thirty or something with thirty three thirty as areas not good for close. So for him to two runs off of last year. Right. Good for him. But it's not good for a closer. So when we're putting him in context compared to the rest of his position it's nothing to get excited about. But look I mean the Tigers are playing very good baseball saved all of their wins. Seven three all of the saves in those games and their starting pitching their ears. Look at it. You look at the rotation. They had at the beginning of the Erie's are oh sixty six to twenty three eighteen four nine zero. I mean, come on. I don't see there being any way that that can hold up, but Green's the closer. He's pitching affectively. He's a guy to ride in the short term. I agree with you that there needs to be an exit strategy with him. I think he's a sell high guy. But I think everybody sees that coming. But at one point you're seeing if he continues to pitch well, would you consider ranking him among the top? I'll say fifteen relief pitchers like we're having this conversation in six weeks. You don't you have to do it. Yeah. Yeah. Zero was over five. I mean that's just one season. Yeah. The thing we have to keep in mind that when we're talking about the top fifteen relief pitchers in this era, where we have so many closers by committee, the sheer volume of saves or potential saves for green because he is there guy does have weight, and yeah, I probably would get there by may. I if and that's not saying he keeps up this pace for saves. It's that if he pitches effectively for the rest of them up, and he remains the guy then. Yeah, he belongs in that top fifteen who leaves the Boston Red Sox and saves the season. And don't say Craig kimbrel. I thought it was born. I think I still think it is. I do you. Because what happened on Sunday makes it look like it is definitely not mad born Ryan brazier got the ninth because born pits the seventh and the eighth with a one nothing lead. Now, you can say when he started warming up in the seventh. They hadn't taken the lead one nothing. So maybe that's why don't you have to say brazier who has two of the three team saves. I think you have to I guess you could. But I really don't have any takeaways from the Red Sox because I don't think that first road trip went the way they expected I think they were playing games backwards and that changes the bullpen roles. And I don't think until we see the Red Sox start winning to it at three out of every series. I don't think we're going to see what their typical planning is. Rapid fire. Any concern about Blake Trenton what.

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