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I'm robin young and Jeremy Hobson it's here and now California governor Gavin Newsom has announced a framework for a partial re opening of the country's most populous state it would hinge on expanded testing to see who's been infected more protective gear and regulations on social distancing in everyday life that might mean waiters with masks and disposable menus and Jeremy the mayor of San Francisco supports that plan now in San Francisco just fifteen people have died from the coronavirus far fewer than other major cities and a lot of the credit has gone to mayor London breed mayor breed first declared a state of emergency on February twenty fifth when her city had zero confirmed cases this was the same day that a CDC official announced the possibility of a severe outbreak three declared a state of emergency several bay area counties including San Francisco went to shelter in place before any other areas in mid March and mayor London breed joins us now mayor take respectively in March that very early shelter in place order again a regional order issued by health directors across counties but sounds like part of your success as mayor was listening to federal and local officials it definitely had everything to do with listening to the people who are on the front lines of this pandemic people who understand the science they were instrumental in in my decision we were reducing the number of events with a certain arbitrary number of people which I didn't think would make a big difference but it did I think prepare people for what was inevitable and that is the ultimate shelter in place within the city and in March well some people are crediting you when you banned gatherings of more than a thousand that meant the Golden State Warriors couldn't play that started a domino effect with the NBA at you know shutting down I know you were listening to local health officials who had many of them a history decades ago of the aids outbreak you know people knew what happened when the bath houses weren't close soon enough so you had that pressure for one side but I'm sure from the other side you want to hear from people saying this is going to kill our economy definitely because I I'll tell you in San Francisco Chinatown in particular and businesses that are owned by the people who are of Asian descent they were already feeling the effects of discrimination because of what was happening in Wuhan so they were already struggling and there was definitely a lot of push back from the hotel industry from our businesses from retail but based on what we saw there was no other choice but to prioritize public health over the economy at that time because of what we knew the impact could be if there was a significant outbreak in our city but I I want to caution people that even though it may look like we are flattening the curve the fact is there are still people who are walking around who have the virus if we get too complacent we could see a resurgence that could exceed anything we thought was possible we still have some challenges with our shelters in our congregate living settings that sadly will lead to increasing the numbers that we we already are saying in a way that makes me uncomfortable well and you mentioned the homeless population there's been a math major outbreak at the city's largest homeless shelter I'm sure they've been moved to hotel rooms or yeah be clear about unfortunately the fact that the homeless challenges that we faced before this pandemic have it become increasingly worse those problems of mental illness and substance use disorder they don't just go away because there's a pandemic we are moving people into hotel rooms and we are experiencing a lot of the same challenges with sadly people who suffer from substance use disorder when you have a drug problem there is no way that we are going to be able to hold you hostage in a hotel room it is not as simple as sending out staff people to monitor and manage these situations because those people are scared themselves we have to be able to protect our work force they were asking to put their lives on the line and a lot of people are doing it but there is still a lot of fear this is a pandemic that could impact anybody at any given time and there is no easy solution and we're doing what we can based on making sure we have the capacity to manage and contain the challenge will never have to ask you it's a population that you may have some insights about just a little bit on your own story you were raised by your grandma in a public housing project your own sister died of a drug overdose so you're probably painfully familiar you got a brother in jail you know what do you think you bring to an understanding of human behavior at this time reality I bring reality sadly I have family members who have struggled with addiction and who still struggle I've been frustrated by it for years and what I had to realize is that sadly many of these people who are suffering with this disease they are not necessarily going to use the same kind of logic that you or I would use in making it this in in our own best interests so I'm not going to be able to put everyone in hotel rooms and think that's going to solve the problem because it's not San Francisco mayor London breed just a few seconds here at the end you're speaking to your constituents there what do you want to tell them well first of All I Want to say to the people of San Francisco thank you I am saying the best of people in this city there are a lot of people that are following the social distancing order but also I got a note from a neighbor saying I'm your block captain if you need groceries if you need Aaron's run or if you need somebody to talk too long to shoot me an email on here for you that's alright that's organized a block captain my goodness people are amazing and I appreciate that and when you as a citizen of the city you our region you try to help your neighbors and do what you can it does make a difference and it is very much appreciated we are all in this together and we as a city will get through it and it isn't over a San Francisco mayor London breed thank you thank you very much robin and by the way to clarify it last night San Francisco lawmakers unanimously voted to force the city to lease seven thousand hotel rooms that would house most of the city's homeless in under two weeks the mayor had previously been focusing on housing only high risk homeless people and has leased just two thousand rooms so far well the corona virus pandemic has taken a terrible toll on Italy with more than twenty one thousand deaths but the government there is slowly easing lockdown restrictions joining us now from Rome on Skype is the BBC's mark Lowe and mark some stores are being allowed to re open what are the new guidelines well the shops that can reopen as of this week Jeremy bookshops station restores and baby clothing stores across the country and some businesses including computer manufacturers and paper and called for many factors can also restart but many regional governors across this country are twenty regions and it's too late I have decided that it is too early so for example in lots you know which is the region's when I'm speaking to at the moment roams its capital the the governor of lots as has the data one data he's one of the bookshops he thinks it's too early for that so bookshops have remained closed and in the northern regions was hit by the current virus outbreak all of those shops are remaining closed so it is a bit of a stock gets phased out break nothing about shows you that there is no desire to be premature and that speak louder war reads the anxious yes shopkeepers many shopkeepers want to re open they want to restart their livelihoods but there is also fear about opening too soon and whether that could lead to a second spike in the virus but do people feel that the peak has already been reached of the outbreak there in Italy they do because the numbers are showing that I mean in terms of the infection rates it is now increasing every day by about two percent one or two percent in comparison to your seven eight percent a couple of weeks ago so that shows you that you know the the the the implants are the numbers guy the west is is behind its sweet box even though the peak has been reached to end of it appears on the cover of a stabilizing the decline is very very gradual and Italians on the whole do not want to preempt this by opening things too soon it feels almost like a kind of symbolic rewards for people walk by opening these few limited's sexes of shops rather than a tangible easing restrictions that set it free the government here is fully aware that its knees facing a prolonged economic depression from all of this so at some stage they all gonna have to slowly kind of dip their toe back into normal life mark I want to ask you one more thing because before you came to your current position as a correspondent in Rome you were in Turkey and before that you were in Greece when you look at the case count in these countries Italy is over a hundred and sixty thousand cases Turkey a country that people are very worried about because it's more of a developing country more than sixty five thousand cases grease down around two thousand cases what do you make of that wire these countries experiencing this so differently well in terms of Greece is a variance in comparison Greece what is often much more country eleven million people work compared to sixty million people actually bots it was very quick to implement a complete lockdown and that has proved to be remarkably successful creases got one of the lowest infection rates in Europe and lowest death tolls in terms of Turkey well they were slow to recognize that Turkey was going to be hit and turkeys are very nationalist place and add the text of the official rhetoric was you know we we we we aren't we wash our hands while we take precautions etcetera now that seeing the impact on the on the curve in Turkey is very boring so each country's experiencing their own outbreak in this they will try to learn from each other but I have to say that it's elite you know in terms of the national locked down and now easing.

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