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By so fast, tweeted out. On your ass. A. Forty story that goes along with that is that when I was talking to Joe bond, and I I did that great interview and again just to just a special moment. Because again, he just out of the blue watched me on Newsmax TV one night. And I think they actually replayed the show at midnight. And that's when he caught up in the replay. And he sent me a tweet, and it was just really cool about it. When I interviewed him. I just done this pags parody. You're fired. And I was like a you want to hear what I did. And I said I used your song Elvira for a parody you want hear it. He said, no, no, it's okay. It's okay. That I use these absolutely as you don't wanna hear it. It's kind of funny today. Now, I I really don't. So it was kind of goal because he didn't want to hear it and afterwards I thought about and I said get up. I'm glad he didn't. Because you might have heard it and said that sucks man, don't don't run with that. So I was kinda glad that we we sort of got away with not having to to play the song for Joe again the pags parodies. I try to make sure that the words are our understanding. I I can go back to some of the first ones that I ever did in the first one that I did was. It's called TSA. It was why TSA did it to the the the theme of or to the tune of YMCA by the village people. And I believe berry best my producer at the time came up with the idea. And and it was it was really very cool. But it was it's it's infancy weren't use a lot of harmonies why wasn't really focusing as much as as I do now. But what's interesting as long as the first one took and probably took three or four hours. So the ones that you guys seem to like the best actually take me like twenty minutes, then he'd sometimes I'll do them right before the show like right before the man is going to do this right now. And and if a lucky I'll throw a little bit of harmony in there, but the one of the second take I actually did one avenue that will play for you later that I was sort of challenge during the show to do it. And we did it live on the program for the first time, and we'll we'll play that for you later on. So again the way that these things have come around. I it's interesting because a lot of you're likely wanted to stop singing just stick to the top. Can you talk about the important issues? Kate you're talking about the news of the day. That's why I tuned in. And then like one parody would hit the right? The right note pun intended for you. And then people would say all right. I kind of get it that was kind of cute. Some people said I've never laughed at a parody before. I did it this one. And then they started saying, okay? What what did you do a parody on this? And then the suggestion started coming in. So I'm glad you guys like them. I'm gonna keep on doing my promise. I said I was gonna step up my game in two thousand eighteen and I did it. Twenty nineteen is going to be an all new year with all new parodies and only tunes keep it right here. Much more of the parody program. The Joe pags show..

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