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Ever perfect on Chicago's roads for example the Edens spur is busy westbound from the Edens to the toll plaza there is on and off delays with a single Wayne open. In both directions between the, Edens and the tall so keep an eye on that throughout the day for you over on the expressways Edens is actually fine the, main line either, direction Kennedy's still find on the way into downtown twenty minutes, from O'Hare intent off the junction eight and the. Express about is delay free the Edens make that the Eisenhower is moving. Fine as well to twenty, nine minute trip in either direction between three ninety and the city sixteen minutes to, and for Mannheim no delays on the Stevenson which means a half. An hour in from the veterans tollway lakeshore drive twenty in from the tri-state just ten minutes in from Cicero the outbound sides the same fifty five is will be. Well at either direction south of the veterans Tollway the Dan Ryan just fifteen minutes either side between. Ninety fifth. And the burn. Interchange Fifty-seven seeing a backup inbound from. Halstead seventeen, miniature my eighty end of the Dan Ryan the Ford has cleared up. Lakeshore drive is in the clear on the tollway the tri-state looks good in either direction so does the Jane. Addams and the Reagan the Veterans Memorial tollway northbound slow spots still from Roosevelt to be four door avenue. Roadwork and three, left lanes but that should be wrapping up here shortly southbound you're in the clear route fifty three route three ninety also moving well Eddie looks. Good through Joliet in either direction and the roads in northwest Indiana are quiet that's eighty ninety four I sixty five and the Indiana toll reports that police activity continuing in. Lonsdale this is at Polaski, and Roosevelt it traffic and weather together on the every ten minutes on News Radio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM, and we can, expect times of clouds and sun today scattered showers storm possible, high of eighty two Shower or thunderstorm. Around the evening south and east of Chicago otherwise mainly clear and tomorrow sunny and pleasant with a high of eighty three we have seventy two degrees at, four fifty.

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