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Presents. The two of US shorts with Albert Frederick High. This is naming lettuce. Welcome to the US charts myself. Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience and its relationship to creativity mental health and emotional wellbeing and as always I'd like to trigger warning these adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today put this on pause and put market for later. Otherwise die right today. I'm extremely excited. Because I've got the most charismatic charming creative visionary to add to that list carom Arthur on my show on although I've only met Karen in person once I saw fail because when we met you're talk the welcome I felt we've known each other for times that we just haven't connected in this one that had this sort of ancient feeling about and Taranov also known as Redskin and so. I think if anybody has that computer open at the time of bombs too late I'll put the link in the show notes. I recommend go into Karen's website because it's a festival of color and joy. So how would you describe Your Day job? Goodness whoa mother took the food or jewelry the full android. Because it's quite my say if what's changed. What hasn't changed. Yeah well my day job before cave it on the fashion designer and the seven cheater. I create spoke clothing. Women are news anchor African fabrics and mix the to mix those with other fabrics and to create clothing that enables weaving to stand on stand out And I also teach people how to sew so I go to people's homes and teach them how to fool enough with US own gene or full back in love with this many people have the same machine and It's if I think is broken. I forgot how to use it. Or it's they both still in the box and so I get the kind of Putin help them to lend to. So because it's a creativity is a wonderful thing. You know Yeah I think the thing about sewing as well. I haven't done any since I was at school. But it's it's the something from nothing thing you know and it doesn't take that long you know you can have a load of material in front view and then some good focus and some knowing what you're doing you can have an outfit are outfit which changes who you are in the world. I'm interested in not just creating something to wear but also the process of creating when I sit down at my same Shane. I physically. Xm It's a it's almost inactive prey. Because it's it's the it's the action it's the it's doing it's the I don't know who it's hard to describe but yes certainly to making something to wear and certainly to making being part of something that you've made but I think that It's much much more than that so many so much do so every day of your life trauma to one. I five years ago. I left my long. Teaching career was a teacher for twenty eight years and one of the things I started to do was to look and creating a list of things I have to do everyday. That would help me to be well. I was who thanks auty and depression. So I was an wasn't very well and I had to look at. I thought the leaving teak teachings very stressful job and I thought the teaching leaving teaching sorry would be the answer to all my words but actually it was funny thing just the beginning and and not having that UNCON- having that job to focus on meant that floundered to put it very mildly so I had to think about what I love I love doing and one of the things he's creating is not always sewing. I thought it was seven. Isn't wasn't always that when I was depressed. I wasn't really interested in in time. She actually I lost as you may know when you're depressed you on at least the will to do a lot of things especially the stuff that you love and so. I don't want to do that but I ended up doing was Hatton serving quilt. It started off as these little scrap pieces of african-print fabric and I had about. It was probably about twelve hundred twelve inches. I work in inches. I am I. Someone asked us to go to a weekly cross. Social the left my house since to go to his social. Meet up with these locally meter with these octogenarians and plus the lady who ran the cross section and someone said King and I would make it a quilt. It was literally as big as a cushion. I can't go and that's plentiful I did. I forgotten the coast. I've forgotten the quest night Your so every day. Do I said semi while I do now. Apart from Sundays. Seeked I've if enough swerved Because COVERT HAS LOCKED DOWN. I get most you want to. Gdn while Sane. And I saw that people many around beginning of March I sue the people a couple of people out and about wearing medical musts and I remember thinking. Oh that's ring. I'm GonNa make one hour of some puppet and that's why did I rent a pest making one place in the pitcher on Instagram and Guessing a few loves someone else got should be fashioned in that kind of thing but not thinking much of it just GonNa make something myself and then lovely lady. Heidi on twitter sent me a direct message and setting and it was before lockdown full lockdown. It was just before we knew.

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