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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi Singh it could take a week or two before all U. S. forces roughly a thousand troops are out of northern Syria a coalition spokesman says some have already left two cities under president trump's orders as a result Turkish backed militias have been able to launch an offensive against Kurdish fighters who for years had depended on the United States to remain an ally and fought with the Americans against ISIS The Washington Post reports present of Turkey is ordering Kurdish fighters to drop their weapons and leave the border areas for the fighting to stop a bipartisan backlash to president trump's decision now includes a U. S. house resolution in which both Democrats and Republicans oppose trumps shift in policy in the Middle East it is non binding but it underscores the sweeping anger over the decision even among some of trump's most ardent supporters such as senator Lindsey Graham who spoke to CNN he will have American blood on his hands if he abandons Kurds because ISIS will come back president trump remains defiant during a joint news conference at the White House today with Italy's visiting leader trump defended his decision to pull troops we have more from NPR's Windsor Johnston speaking at the White House trump said Turkey's decision to launch an offensive against the U. S. allied Kurdish forces did not surprise him they've been warring for many years it's a natural for us but it's sort of natural for them they fight and they fight long and they fight hard and they've been fighting Syria for a long time trump announced sanctions against Turkey earlier this week and is pushing for a ceasefire vice president Mike pence and his secretary of state Mike Pompeii are expected to meet with Turkish president Recep Tayyip erdo line on Thursday everyone has said a ceasefire is not on the table Windsor Johnston NPR news Washington a combat decorated Iraq war veteran is being deported to El Salvador NPR's quill Lawrence reports the former U. S. marine came to this country at the age of three say Segovia Benitez served in Iraq and returned with PTSD and a brain injury according to VA records his family says it changed his personality Segovia was honorably discharged but later convicted of assault and drug crimes after his last prison sentence ice officials put Segovia in detention his sister Gladys Garcia told NPR that Segovia deserves to live in the US this is his home this is his country he served this country he went to war lake why is that not taking into account military service has historically been a fast track to US citizenship but the trump administration has taken a hardline toward immigrants including war veterans and their families quill Lawrence NPR news U. S. stocks are moderately lower the Dow down the Dow was down a fraction this is NPR brexit negotiations are well past the European union's deadline to get a deal on paper in time for leaders to consider it at their summit in Brussels tomorrow but as Terry Schultz tells us the United Kingdom and the E. you are still trying to work out a way for Britain to leave the block in a little over two weeks from now without disastrous consequences for both sides it's been three years of negotiating terms under which Britain will quit the E. U. but negotiators still worked overnight trying to meet a midnight deadline to no avail the issue of regulating trade in traffic on the Irelands Northern Ireland border remains intractable at the moment British prime minister Boris Johnson has conceded he will comply with the British law requiring him to seek an extension if no deal is reached by Saturday but even if teams are able to get an agreement on paper it still has to pass the British parliament which rejected a previous deal three times nonetheless Britains brexit secretary Steve Barkley maintains it's doable we are confident we can deliver not by the thirty first of October the European Parliament has to pass it to friend here news I'm Terry Schultz in Brussels the Associated Press reports European regulators have order chip maker Broadcom to change the way it does business with key customers over competition concerns the E. U.'s antitrust cheapest cited saying her department had strong indications are Broadcom was engaging in anti competitive practices at last check on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average was down six points at twenty seven thousand eighteen nasdaq could fall in twenty five since the open it's at eighty one twenty.

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