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Crash, and they and also with the different people from the Vatican like father Funez like once a year Balducci they've had to make statements because you can't control this phenomenon. If you're having sightings, and we in sightings around Diddley and people are convinced that there's extraterrestrials in the sightings. And and I think it's logical to think we're not alone in the universe since their political structure, and that's what they are. They're religious, but they're also a political institution. They have to prepare a statement and the statement, and I think they've got a little bit farther than than. This country has as far as meeting to extraterrestrials because in two thousand nine father Funez who was the the chief of the observatory in coastal guns. Also said you know that they are brothers and sisters. He didn't say that. They were they were little grey aliens. He said they are our brothers losers, which made us think that what we're dealing with is the fact that God created people all over the universe. In other words, this is not the only inhabited planet. That's logical to assume that to I thank the Monsignor Balducci. Who's no longer with us? How much of a supporter was he for the UFO community very much. I mean when he was around I lectured with him. I used to ride on the train with you. You knew him. Well, he was he lived up the street from me from nineteen ninety two to two thousand and seven my. Residents was in Rome Italy. And so, you know, my career really was more active there than it was here. And I and I used to talk to him, and he said, well, you know, it's very important that we understand that whoever he believed this whoever is coming here is far more evolved than I see said look at this this species still killing each other still. Still, you know in a very very primitive state. We can't even develop technology to get off this planet. He used to say the whoever's visiting here, obviously surpass those very difficult times. And he said he said we're at the bottom of the barrel of evolution. He said because we can't get off the planet. We haven't traveled among the stars. We haven't gone to other places we we're so busy fighting one war after another. And this is logical. All so that we don't we don't look at the ourselves as members of the cosmos, and then he went on. And it's in my book, connecting the dots. Just say that in the bible Christ is called king of the universe sixty six times. And he's king there if he's king of the universe. There has to be people out there. He's king of. So it's in he made all these arguments. He was very. Convincing. But he was he was very eccentric. I loved the man he was wonderful now. The Vatican owns some telescopes and some observatories don't they? L one in Zona, the one in Arizona, that's on a mountain in there is only I think it's near an Indian reservation that the thing is that that they've got the most sophisticated equipment because they're looking at the skies. They're, you know, they're they're very interested in this there, scientists also everybody's interested. Everybody's interested in this on some level. He is is ridiculous. And we have to start, you know, convincing people about this. It's it's a given. It's a given. I think anymore. The problem is this George, and I really believe this. It's it's become entertainment, and it's become silly and has become more of a circus than it is a scientific pursuit. What I'd like to see. And I've said this over and over again is serious studying universities, a, you know, serious where people together and professors like, Alan. Hi, nick. And those people Jack volaille whom I admire greatly. And all those guys that that would sit around in, you know, with all the latest information and and make it serious, but it's become too much of a commercial situation has it ever entered a university at all yet. Yes. In Turkey hawked on octagon who I brought to Laughlin one year told me that they have two courses in university in Turkey, and they are studying extra addressed your life..

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