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Facebook too if they were expecting a Facebook I will be back in full force all the way live in full effect in two days I am a in Facebook jail I got put in Facebook jail this time around seven days out I don't know how this works I was in Facebook jail for three days then it was three days now it's seven I mean what do they do can anybody answer that question I don't know is is if I get it again is it the fourteen days at some point of his bar you they say you've just committed to many what do they call it a community standard violations and you're out I don't know I don't use Facebook for one reason and one reason only and that is to get information out I look at it just like this radio show it's a it's a it's a function of this radio show it's about going all over around the American Pravda media so what I'm posting things on Facebook I am posting things that you need to know about because you're not gonna get any place else now you can dig into the homework I do need to find a minor but many people have time for that so I'm kinda like the up compilation if you will of information that we talk about here that you just don't dig out on your own and I can't tell you how many people told me I don't know about that until I heard you talking about it was true because that's what we do here we do the what works so you don't have to tell us right now Facebook they weren't expecting on Facebook and their own ex on Facebook and all right now on Twitter say roan axe on on Twitter same as on the other what's called it's a mirror page not I don't be confusing here but their own expenses because they run and then a space and then the axe tutors just their own acts all together so get over there and check it out today ensure that stuff that's what this is about you know the the fact that people have not been receiving accurate information is in large part why were were at right now the communist revolution in flames in the streets and everybody that's an elected official pretty much everybody pretty much everybody's afraid to call it what it is they either don't know what it is can articulate it or they can and they're afraid of it and they don't see that it would be productive for them to talk about it because of the dead they get in trouble they got pastors are afraid to talk about it if they talk about it accurate terms of much of their their flock of a wall he's he's bad now for black people because you can see critic black lives matter or the excuses that's not what we do here where to bring your Christ well I haven't I I don't know I'm just guessing I'm thinking the Christ might want you to bring people's awareness that Satan is in the streets right now that's what the socialist revolutions all about Satan is on the streets right now I think that's part of your job to try and I don't know why or how or who or when but I know that we must stand against it if any nation ticket pick all the nations in history of mankind the very nation was based I'm Christian teaching it's this one every four other was a straight of question one way or another they say that they weren't they wore and every church is where the revolution fell out of American revolution every school from Georgetown to Harvard Princeton these were all all Christian schools at the outset not anymore not anymore yeah the demonic forces have had their way and fifths does not get any better right now and worse now here's a real piece of work Mitch McConnell he I don't really talk much about him on in like invoking his name but he says he is okay with him F. for removing Confederate names from military bases what signal is that what signal is that that was a bad signal yeah for panic S. named after Confederate general this is insane we're we're rewriting not just American history we're renaming everything in the image of black lives matter this is horrific Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell C. just saying that scares people I guess if that triggers them in that war will more you can say that I I could never say that that sounds horrible it sounds like you're against black lives matter well I am I personally am you should be too but this matter is not about black people well it's about black people in that they're running it but some some black people are running it so what about black people because it was they would have been up in the streets all over south side Chicago about the but people get murdered their brother black people every single day seven right now no I don't care and then the obvious well why would they not be coming out against the abortion clinics that are strategically placed in their black neighborhoods mmhm yeah that Malcolm of my people Mitch McConnell stated Tuesday but he's okay with removing the names of Confederate leaders from US military bases he's breaking with president Donald Trump on the issue while I can only speak for myself on this issue no match when you talk when you flap your jaws you wind **** what you're doing is you're speaking for all the Republicans in the Senate who haven't stood up and stood against you this is if it's appropriate to take another look at these our names I'm okay with that whatever is ultimately decided I don't have a problem with now he wants to get rid of Fort Bragg Fort Hood all of it for bending but here's the deal if you look at what these are this this the confederacy was will the south they're army they're generals all that stuff fighting against the north this is American history that's what this is about and because they were defending the position of the south and coming out to keep slaves in the states are everybody's trying to vilify them you don't have to rip down statues and take down names of military bases because of that and these people have fought for because they believed in as wrong as it was and we the thinking one in that one we won and that one if you're looking at the military law the military campaign that whether you think they are actually doing what to say they were doing whatever but this is absurd and for Mitch to not stand up in for the entire nation say this is absurd another enough or not renaming anything if I have any saying that I'm going to meet with Donald Trump or when trying to find a way to stand against us and take down anybody that would do you face any of our American heritage for better.

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