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The earnest handcock shows but berry kirwin from the republic ireland southern island air. And in the break. We're talking semaine points one. What's the currency in exchange. Well it's a euro were they're using the euro because they use the euro. What about Crypto don't even know about it. I haven't heard of youth nobody. What what's that so let's not even a thanks. Then you have About precious metals or silver. on that. Note if you hit him and with it you know they don't know anything okay. How's the barter stuff. Go local communities they may barter be for sugar or something and it's kind of small community thing but how productive is ireland in food with the big mass exodus from ireland. Great potato famine of they had like one crop. I guess and they. They left the near starving. They come america. So is that a threat and or as ireland diversified in its food production. You think that people aren't going to starve in ireland. Where do you think it's interesting. You brought up the phone back in the eighteen. Hundreds in ireland was full of that time out of population south nine million people and produce enough food from from right thirds of fossils. Export ports is nothing compared to nineteen million people so escorted the battle crop but that was her. Working class was spent years at the brains. All sorts of voter of nasdaq long fight. But what happens again. I don't know if we still for jim. Small of food burke. Okay okay show. Ireland has the capacity to produce a lot of food is just whether they're gonna feed themselves so just private land that you have. There is a lot of you know farms or they got industrialized or the arthur. Daniel midland of big giant combine of we rule in its own by china. I mean you know is there are a lot of people from england that own errors land and they're just using your ertl ground to feed them. You know who who actually it. Or irish people. With irish small family farms of irish own ireland or not. It's mostly Malaria's fines but third kinda concentrated in the meat producers secondary. Would say from the roth in theory is the secondary production hired a lot of the byerly. That's grown here. Actually france next year.

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