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Thirty percent of total retail sales. So it certainly market with chasing something that shortage is doing right down to the street up. Having graffiti arrived is like making the stations of the cross. It's paying your due to the fact that this area's got a bit of a background if that isn't. Any graffiti on your. You can telephone them for a -mergency gravity. The idea of authenticity is also deeply ingrained in the food industry from fruit smoothies to hold chickens. The packaging falls aver itself to tell us where it's from or Hebrew it, and why we should care food and short is rest. Storytelling comes into its own. I traveled into the bowels of the British library to find out more. My name is Polly Russell, and I work as a curator at the British library for longtime. I've been very interested in ideas about food and narrative and identity. So food and stories is what I'm interested in. What is the link between fade the story and the notion that feigned has to have a story. It will be really hot disassociate the idea of food and stories because food is so central to who we are as social beings. It's so with how we are placed in time how we placed geographically who we are, how we feel, and so stories as in what we understand about food where it's come from integral to our experience of food and eating, they sort of mediate the food you're eating. They tell you whether it's going to be safe to eat, and that's safe. Literally, has this thing come from a safe source? Can I. Put it in my mouth and swallow it, but also metaphorically, do I understand words come from? Is it risque my prepared to take that risk? And when you have a story associated with food, it mediate some of things Artie. When you see the rise of industrialized, branded fades in branded industrialized, food is not closely connected to the consumer in terms of production. There's a distance between what you eat and where it's being produced and the stories of branding of food help to mediate not distance. They tell you that the food has been produced in this massive factory, one hundred thousand miles away on knowable safe familiar. And that's very important stories are very powerful when it comes to making us understand and like particular foods and food traditions, the idea of using feed to communicate what's important to us, a thoughts, feelings, motivations and desires is the very essence of. A rather exclusive restaurant Michelin starred chef. Tom sellers opened his restaurant story in two thousand thirteen. Surprisingly small metal and wooden structure it clings to the edge of occur in the fashionable Lyndon bridge enclave of east London. Since I've Ning attracted a coat following food as desperate to dive into the tales of the next -pected that permeate the menu king to get on with the day's work. Tom sat down with me one morning before service to explain his novel approach to find dining. I came up with the idea for the restaurant, ten eleven years ago. I was cooking at pussai at the time which is a restaurant in America Watchfulness on this keller. Keller. New costume, modest, three hundred twenty five dollars. I had this kind of brainchild idea about having a narrative that runs alongside food. I think anyone that can connect to the story instantly feels more engaged with what they're doing. The stories come from all different kinds of influences. I some maybe a childhood story or something. This infants, my life personally, maybe about supply reformer grow from the story that we have with them in the connection we have with them. But I think what's stories leap back to why we created the food that we created in front of his is one of your most well-named dishes. It doesn't actually look like food to you've got candle holder with a candle in it. There's no suggestion whatsoever that this is edible, say, what is it? It's a Sunday candle made from beef tipping. We take the family slightly salting, cure it with it, and then we shaping two candles. And then we lie to the table, your normal candle in it melts and then you bread inside what would be seem to be the wax, but obviously. Be fat, and the story behind that was my father used to eat beef dripping every Sunday. I was inspired by going back in time. And I, I think if you look back, you know, a tallow candle was a kind of it was made of beef..

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