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He's targeting secondary cities largely overlooked by bigger Kerry. Years like Hartford, Connecticut, Charleston, South Carolina, and Tampa, Florida, Another startup of Elo Airlines, began flying in late April on the West Coast. I'm Jackie Quinn, the Duke of Sussex tells The Associated Press Returning to London for his grandfather's funeral last month triggered feelings of anxiety. Harry. The Duke of Sussex, has been open about some of his struggles and is taking part in a Syriza on mental health with Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV Plus in the AP interview, he says he was able to use coping skills he learned in therapy to get through Prince Philip's funeral last month and being back in the media spotlight. I was afraid about it, but then going through the motions and being able to lean on the toolbox and learned gene on the learnings that I've lived alone Ground from over the past. It definitely made it a lot easier, but the heart's still the heart still pounds. He says. It was his wife, Megan, back when they were dating, who convinced him to seek the help he needed to deal with royal family relationships and the death of his mother, Princess Diana. I'm Jackie Quinn, Wisconsin is among the GOP led states that are holding audits of the November presidential election, but state records reveal a minuscule number of potentially fraudulent ballots. The Associated Press has obtained documents that report every suspicious ballot flagged by local clerks and reported to Wisconsin state officials. There were 27 27 out of 3.3 million ballots cast, which in no way could have impacted the outcome of the election. There were five instances reported where someone voted absentee and then voted in person. Still, Wisconsin lawmakers have ordered an audit. Prompting a Senate Democrat there to tell colleagues they need to stop spreading. The big lie and audit is also coming in Fulton County, Georgia, now that a judge agreed to unseal absentee ballots there to scrutinize for fraud allegations, and the Maricopa County Arizona audit is ongoing but could lead to a lawsuit against partisan auditors. I'm.

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