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On what the cause of the accident was, but often on these missions that are derived to help us learn. Cross country and learn to navigate on different fields. Then there is a student and then there's an instructor in the airplane as well to help teach, according to W F. A. A three homes on the ground were damaged by the crash, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. The state unemployment rate fell last month by 30.3% to 5.9%. The lower rate was driven by over 39,000 new nonagricultural jobs added to the economy last month. Meantime, the Texas Workforce Commission will hold its massive 10th annual statewide job there for veterans and military spouses. On November 14th. The hiring event is dubbed hiring red, white and blue. Or you, Uh you connect k l i f dot com For more details. It is 709. Let's get a business update on this Monday morning now from network Radio Spencer MacGowan morning, Spencer. Well, Apparently we donated numbers on the global economic recovery. Revised estimates from the World Bank this summer. The global recovery at 5.6% this year it's the global economy 2% bigger than before the pandemic leading the way this year. United States 6.8% Growth India 8.3% China still at the top at 8.5% next year, the growth rates slow to about 4%. The Middle East is the lagging region. It just About 2.5% growth this year. I'm Spencer Macau and President McGowan Group network radio dot com. Coming up in our cliff notes some good news. If you're waiting to get your kiddos vaccinated against Covid 19 kayla of news time 7 10 at the top in 30 minutes.

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