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VIN diesel or ludicrous I would be like you better take my fake face off that I just loved it like that in Congress essentially the same like. Setup and that Conrad was so much better. What the Conrad was a CA- jillion times better and it's not the same setup as a thousand times better. It's the same. It's the same setup on. A curve screen all around I've watched multiple specials about it. Billon killed. They wake up in their all grey. This is wild I. Didn't expect them to actually dying. What happened? Ted. Dead Dude. Then they meet the grim reaper capacity on like are they actually did? That's the bogus part of the journey. The all let me let me tell you one one really good thing about this movie. Death is basically the good thing about this movie Odessa's Great Bill and Ted no death. Yes. William Sadler. Who plays. One Saturn award I don't know what that means, but he was great best supporting actor. Well, death is basically the main. Fun Person, in this movie. So they asked the grim reaper. AAC can we go back and he says you can go back but you have to beat me in a contest. So rather than doing that. they give death Melvin. which again is a front wedgie. I don't Yeah I. Don't know what that was until I watched this movie. They will back to Sandy. Miss back to their apartment where they see the robots are trying to banglar girlfriends and get real mean with them and then they break up. And that's when we noticed that bill and Ted Living at one bedroom. Okay. They head to Ted's dead who works again at the police station the chief of police. And they. Keep when say exercise? Exorcist. What's the? What's the word when you take over exorcist? No but they take over the body possess. Yes. Okay dudes. I mean Phil pleased with. My son Ted through the door and Logan and his friend Bill S Preston esquire have been murdered and replaced by evil robots from the future. You totally did it Dude I. Totally possess my dad. Thank you. Tempus is dad and then build. Possesses the like assistant dude. Yeah. That's purpose who we've seen in other movie as well. Yeah. ARACHNOPHOBIA. Eating the popcorn. WELP, got killed by a spider by his mouth. I. Felt like the actors and this. Really good job acting like bill and Ted. DONUTS and they're basically like there's some robot. Our son's got killed by some robots that look like our sons in you need to go stop them and nobody takes them. seriously. They're all like, what are these these people are Like walkout. Of the police's Asian, they're like, well, we can't leave like this. And then they like get out of their ears. The head to description. To missy. MRIs plays who's doing seance what in the middle of the day isn't it was just the middle of the day. Dude is the do that was at the Sand Lake He's credited as ugly. The crash it looking like spooky. Goals. They, lay out the whole story like you need to protect the princes. have been killed. But they're not listening. No also really stupid. Down MRIs shirt. thanked. April I remember that scene to. Her. It's like. Men Are. Just. Immature. Just. This is proof. It's even like she had. Huge boobs Nice, she was wearing a Cleveland Josh shirt. News none of that. It's like not even anything to remember. Didn't, remember. pervy worth. Now, you remember this MRI now by the way. She was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Fifty, eight. Eight. Starch. Oh my God she's in the new one. Holy. Moly. I sell excited now I can't wait to watch this movie. So this movie like all the bill and Ted's have like. Musicians and Shannon it like this one had Taj Mahal and pay them really big stars in even gene while into the go-goes within the first one, who do you think is on this Aside from. Cudi. Kid Cudi. Yeah Because, he's in it. He was on a really funny right that was on. Comedy Bang Bang Bang. Bang. He's Cool I can't wait who's really funny that can be in it and Yoga Now. There we go. She's an actress. Hope not. What's Wrong If I think of any Dave Grohl. Though Yeah Awesome Jack Black. Yeah. Dave Grohl. It'd be better to check no Kevin Smith did the. Con Panel don't want that. Dave. Cohen Smith man that's weird I was thinking about that. Is Weird no he seems like a nice guy but I feel like I outgrew his movies. There's a lot of people like live and die by Kevin Smith movies. I was all for clerks. fucking. Like clerks one in two thousand. Yeah. Yeah Lena's more subtle. Yes. But yeah. I don't know. Clerks to with like. I love Clarkston more than quirks one. Why better know your. You are that tie one, hundred one was like black and white, right? Yeah. Yeah. A Hundred Cox, my girl took two hundred dogs in a row. This is one of the. Great Lines. And then as the girlfriend leaves the party stories like trying to suck Dick on your way out in those guys standing there like goes the follower. Missy search chanting. Basically Sends Bill and Ted to hell. They get sucked down. Turn I'm not getting you turn that van. So, they're falling and falling there yelling then they stop they play link. Up following. Base up screaming. They played twenty one questions. Than the Yeltsin. twenty-one fashions yeah..

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