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Beginning of the modern marvel age of comics. It is unlike any podcast that you have heard before. Mike and ed talk about the public events from the early silver age marvel comics as if those events were actually happening as super powered heroes and villains gods and monsters become everyday occurrences. Mike and ed talk about the ramifications of the changes thrust upon the world would the fantastic four be welcomed as costumed do-gooders or would their motives be questioned. Will there be super powered. Cold war with russia will the appearance of thorin. The emergence of god's from ancient mislead people to reexamine their own religious beliefs is ironman a good use of stark core shareholder capital. If reed richards had developed podcast technology in the nineteen sixties. marvel universe. this would be the show. Everyone would be listening to so. Join mike in ed every monday. Wednesday and friday on super serious six one six as they chart the evolution of the marvel universe from the ground up as it happens. All right back to the show Let me see. I got another question here. favorite cameo from the show against her here. I i'm gonna say least favorite cameo stephanie. That's the finale. is spiderman hopping dimension. You can get into it just a little bit like something through multi dimensions different spider-man's and stuff and like there's some cute stuff but like the last one is that he goes to a dimension where spiderman is like a comic book character in like an actor plays hip and then he meets stanley and the guy who created him. It's fine. I don't know i i couldn't find it. I couldn't get worked up enough to be annoyed by it but also was not like i mean interesting way too on the nose like the literally a an exchange between a spur men and madame web and says that stanley squash guy in madame web. Madame web of people. I think he's truly special. Didn't write this this line. That i mean the only thing about it irked me because again. I don't know. I don't care that much but the thing that did hurt me was like he mentions jack kirby and passing like you hear him joking about jack. Ma but like no steve dicko which is like come on man like you can mention steve here. Even if you don't like the guy like he still didn't create spiderman with you you know like it is fun to mention herbie but it also would be like neat to bring up dicko. Actually the answer the questions. Okay yeah you know you go i to answer the question. My i think my favorite cameo probably was daredevil. Oh yet yeah. I mean there are a lot of cameos. There's good episode in like the daredevils showing up is pretty fun. But also like. There's ones so peter becker is put on trial and miracles his attorney and so when he first meets mats they start talking..

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