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Comedy you live from the studios of podcast one. It's rob has a podcast in. Now. Here's the guy who's about to me the Brazilian dragon here on the podcast. I'm rob sister. Nino. Hello, everybody. How are you? And I'm very excited to be here in the studio with our old friend Abby Maria, Abby, how are you can call me AMT's supercharged supercharged. What are the here getting getting close to the microphone Abby so everybody? Everybody can hear you a M G. How do you pronounce your last name Abby muddy a- Gomez Gomez? Okay. I said gums last night and Stephen fishbach said, no that's wrong. You're wrong. You're saying it wrong. Yeah. When up calling Debbie Downer. Why Why? no? No, I don't want to be. I don't wanna be Debbie Downer anywhere. So we're here. We're live in the studios of podcast wine. And for Abby Maria, I come all the way out here to see you in person to do this. I was so happy when you said that you would do this podcast. And you I I thought you might you might say no why. Well, I looked on Twitter, and you don't even follow me. And I said maybe Abby Maria on followed me. Maybe she's maybe she's maybe I am dead to you now. No, no, no, no. Maybe I have such pesky finger even. And so, but I was so happy when you said that you would do it. And I gave you some dates, and you had a very specific condition about when you would come on and talk to me on the podcast. Do you? Remember what you said I wanted to do for four. Yes. At four four four at four. I gave you the what about like March March twenty first mar. Melt said you said no four four four and need. So interesting, right. Is my witch intuition. I knew that the episode prior would have something to do with four. And then so we have all these fours that you're lucky number. Well, I really liked the number eight two so four plus four equals eight I'm really into Namara right now. Here comes David, right? All right. He says to everybody, and I wish I could play you the clip, but he says that hey, a lot of people are going to have on their resume and the address on the resume is going to be forty four forty four sanction high and dry. Yes. And you knew and you are on four I know at four almost four forty four right now. Oh my God. Wow. Wow. AM? Jeez. Supercharge in command. Why are you? Am supercharge. Abby Maria Gomez. No, the AM. Gee, I don't know why the supercharge where does that look at me. You are super don't you are you're doing great thing Gill, and it's so nice to see you. I feel like it's been like a year and a half since I've seen you at least a few seasons of survivor. I feel like that the last time I saw you was when we were at the. W pop fest. That's right Sela, so fun. I was so fun. And that was a while ago that was a while ago that was during millennials versus genetics. That was when David Wright played the first time. That's right. See all that wage cove, ending tuition lying along. No. So we're we're we're back to the how's everything going outside of survivor stuff. Everything is going great. I'm so grateful. Life has been awesome. It's a roller coaster ride. But that's what makes it interesting. Yeah. Real estate is good. All state is great. Yes. Yes. Do you ever get people in your real estate business that no you as Abby Maria from survivor? Yeah. I, you know, a lot of people do recognize me from Abby Maria from survivor actually, just worked with any vest or we just closed a multi unit building. And when we met he was so excited. It was like a Zillow lead. And he was so excited to be working with me. He was like a millennial a younger..

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