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He helps his players win by telling them what's going to happen before it happened. Let me ask you this Sam Macho when we get to Bruce Arians. You got to be with them for, you know, first of time when you look at your stops Described to me as a player, your perspective of B, A and what he means to you. B A is he's confident he you know, the word that comes to mind is swag. He has a lot of swagger confident. And he He doesn't mind ruffling people's feathers. Prime example. When I was in Arizona, my 30 in the NFL, we had a receiver by the name of Larry Fitzgerald. Larry was a superstar in Arizona still is going to be in the Hall of Fame. Many people in that organization right at coaches who were on the team the year before. Wouldn't challenge Larry. That's no offensive. People say he knows what he's doing. He's got it figured out. Let's let him do his thing. The minute be a stepped into the building. Larry was the first one getting cussed out, getting yelled at getting called out similar. If you remember Tom Brady had those same Experiences If you remember early in the season, people said, Is it gonna work? The A doesn't care who you are. He knows what he wants and goes. He knows how to get the best out of everyone. He always says. I need my five star players to play like five star players. Five star players like Shack Shack. Barrett, the fact leader last year. Five star players like J. P. P five star players like Tom Brady by star players like Mike Evans. I've start playing five star players like Chris Godwin. Five star players. Need to play like five star players. And so he not only instills this confidence in you, but he holds you to a higher standard, the standard of which you are capable and expected to play weekend and week out. I also think his coaching staff is just so awesome to see men women. Black white doesn't matter. He finds the best coaches and I think what makes him so unique. He allows delegation to occur on the staff. You know, some coaches could be their soul of stock on one side, the ball they don't want their coordinators actually do their job. It seems as if being a Yes, he has control over everything, but he's okay and let his coaches actually do what they're paid to do. If you look it If you look at his offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, he called Byron calls the place. If you look at the defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Todd Bowles has full control over the defense. If you look at the special teams coordinator Keith Keith calls a special teams. He delegates, all of it, every single coach and all those coaches or black number one, so he doesn't care that there's only three black head coaches in the NFL. He doesn't care that Some owners are hiring black coaches, he says. I'm gonna get the best guy for the job and you look at some of the woman he has on staff. We have that there's a strength coach named MJ Morales, her first name. She's a full time strength coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Also, there's a defensive line coach named Laurie. She's another full time coach for the team B A doesn't care. He breaks barriers and he's done it. Every single stop. He's been at back in Arizona. He had Harold Goodwin, we call them Goody Goody was the offensive coordinator, Another black man who's calling plays. Remember, Arizona had a top offense. Once again and who was the defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles. And so it goes on and on and on. I just hope I love what I see. I just hope that owners and decision makers will take notice, and they won't just think this is an anomaly. Where did the chief's go from here? Sam Macho. I think they could very well. So be back in the big game next year, But when you lose the Super Bowl, how did they recover? And how did they try to get better this all season? After my home, had an interview after the game, and and we saw him, saying he's determined this loss is going to fuel him for the future. And so I'm not worried at all about the Chiefs, and no one should be worried about the chief. The energy should be worried about anybody only team that he should be worried about his Tampa Bay, the only team I believe that can beat Kansas City. Tampa Bay. And so I think Kansas City is going to be back next year back in the Super Bowl, and I think if it's if it's anybody besides Tampa, they're winning it. And if it's Tampa again, what we see may see the same result we saw this year, but the Chiefs aren't going downhill. Have a young core young nucleus. A great offensive line. They're gonna get Schwartz back. They're gonna get their offensive line back. They're gonna get higher kills. I'm going to do what he's doing. Travis Kelsey still has time on his contract. They have nothing to worry about. Sammy Watkins will be healthy, so that Patrick Holmes is in is he just finished third year in the NFL. They have nothing to worry about. Outside of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When you look at Brady just to hear that a guy is 43 years old, just won his seventh ring. I know nothing should surprise us at this point, but how, and I know that they were not a dominant force in the rec regular season but to see them with the end result. No, it wasn't a seamless transition, but he basically made it seem like one because he still walks away with the trophy. How impressive is it as a player to just see what this guy is able to an Ali do but just get better with age. This stuff doesn't happen. Seven rings. Let's let's start their savory like who has seven rings. We talk about Jordan being the best. Right. Michael Jordan. I wanna be like Mike Michael Jordan the best. Michael Jordan had six rings. We talked about Kobe once again. Another. You know another one of those names talk about being the best. Kobe didn't have seven rings. LeBron, another one of those names. Iran is still is he's older as well. And still and still getting better. Maybe you'll get upto 67 rings. Maybe not. Tom Brady has seven rings, and he's got more to go. So I'm impressed The fact that he's 43 years old and playing his best ball. I'm impressed that That he went to a different team, a different culture, a different coaching staff, and he was humble enoughto work with them to find a way to When you look at guys like Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers won three MVPs That's amazing. That's phenomenal. He only has one Super Bowl. Tom Brady has seven. So talk about team over me. I think that's the prime example. So there's no doubt that he'll get another one in your mind. Oh, no doubt at all that she stays in temple. What? Why? Why? Why would he not? Todd Bowles was going anywhere. That defense isn't going anywhere. Shacks not going anywhere. Jpp is not going anywhere. Devon White's not going anywhere. Levante. David's not going anywhere that young secondary remember last year, they said all of their young secondary, they're still trying to figure it out. Sean Murphy Bunting's not going anywhere. Antoine Winfield Junior is not going anywhere. Jemele Dean's not going anywhere. Carl. Uh, Carl date, Colton Davis Jr is not going anywhere. Nobody in the secondary is going anywhere. Vita Bay is not going anywhere. Sues, probably ask for a raise, but he's not going anywhere..

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