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Want steve winwood give me that. There is a there is some crossover there and there's like this very white dude from the eighties. A lot of them are british. Yes is this specific kind of sound in the production. Where it's they're obviously very influenced by american arm be. Yeah but there's a very kind of just like this white the essence to that they bring heavy. And you've got peter. Gabriel you've got Steve winwood huey lewis. Who is american. Right yeah very minded like was giving that vibe to he had affiliations with the british nick. Lower friends yeah. The news in an earlier. Incarnation as clover as the bandit backup elvis costello on my aim is true really. Yeah there's this new album from laura evola who is a british singer and she's kind of it. It's such a great album. It just came out two weeks ago. Cool which that means. I haven't heard it because you know me. I'm the same like i wanted. I did check out this album. And it's really really fantastic and it sounds like peter. Gabriel and steve winwood. Oh wow that's really here for that. Yeah for sure is it. Did you just hear knocking. Yeah is there a surprise guest coming Think so let's find out ladies gentlemen. Is that a tax collector. It's a ghost. Could be a ghost or it could be the result of the new flooring. They put an upstairs king. Yes not well secured like there's gaps between the floorboard and the paneling great job guys. Yeah terrific job. Really easy to get redone to and that's a whole nother story. But he had there. Is that british soul thing. Then also coincided with the whole big chill soundtrack thing and then the godforsaken california raisins Wow yeah there was a lot of that stuff going on a. I think there was a certain fatigue happen. Yeah yeah there was like kind of like a hokey hoping to yes exactly but Where were we so you're twelve. And then some twelve shock akon. So that's that's a nice thing to have in your back pocket if you ever have a little moment of doubt but your voice shocked on. She won't remember. This probably did say didn't yes. He did say what a goofy thing to ask chaka. Khan but why would she remember. The nfc wouldn't remember. That's like that's terrific souffle. I remembered it is about you and she shock a yeah. Twelve right yeah. It wasn't like a big moment for her and her life but that that's like the. The taylor always remembers at frank sinatra. Really like the cut of the suit that he helped him with that time. Right rank wooden rumor abobo the yeah. Kind of a weird thing to bring up. Yeah who's at journalists. get him. Let's get him and get him and taught hanes together to find out what the hell's going on so you're twelve and then what are you doing in terms of music outside the church. I'm so at that point. I was just doing a lot of singing in church..

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