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The train arrived twenty minutes late finally putting in with the with the wheels grinding and the ancient carriages shuddering to hold it's sort of that I mean you know the cameras in the right place it was sort of we'll put stuff on the roof of Paddington station looking down on the whole train then we had to cut to close up as the door opens and this couple come out and then they'll be somebody waiting to take them in the car I'll describe their feelings they come to London so what's happening with them and and and the pleasure of a check to the way that we're one step ahead of them because we know what they're about to see and they don't and so the that that's sort of the process and unfortunately the train arrived twenty minutes late storage finally putting in with the wheels grinding of the ancient carriages engine carriages is bad shuddering to hold so the right phone so shut isn't a sound so the I guess it's just you know you you you doing all this again and again until finally got a this book is has actually been quite hard to write so far this evening said to service the dark blue junk you a X. J. Sentinel looks no different from the other causes surrounded as as it swept around Buckingham Palace and continue to St James's park it was sleek expensive with tinted windows turn the single passenger sitting in the backseat into nothing more than a vague shadow and anyone check the number please they would have discovered that it belonged to the chairman of a private banking difficult street this was not true now that to me is a good opening because I'm I see it first is again I am a camera now will post about Paul now looking at Buckingham Palace as an expensive car sweeping round I like the vague shadow who is this in the back of this car in fact it's Mrs Jones said of my sixth a soon as we mentioned give a full street I try to fans know who it is and that sentence of that paragraph this was not true it's exactly what Alex when the books were about his will about sort of the world isn't really what you think and and behind everything you see their secrets you said it's been difficult to write say fall what what was difficult this is you have quite tight it's it's late in the year I've already written one novel this year I'm still I'm I'm I'm a little bit time I need I need to go away to write this book am I gonna Suffolk in Russia is capable of that I I have a tiny little houses offer com it's really just a wooden Hutch Willis was in the days when he comes here to Suffolk County in the south of England there are other ways he can relax.

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