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With it because at first it seemed like roger didn't wanna go down of these roads but then he did because he was steered that way and credit to kenny. Makes a lot of other lesser skilled interviewers would've let rogers dictate what was going to be asked and how that was done. Just being so overwhelmed that even gave the interview. But the fact that he isn't such a zen like kun-bae abode and still can't give an inch to the fans is still can't give an inch packers. Say let's wait and see tells me that he he has thought this through. It might not just be over this offseason. It might be a couple of years in the making now. Okay so week one in september. You think there's a legitimate chance. He's not the quarterback of the packers. So the next question is do you think he's starting quarterback for another team or do you think he's enjoying retirement. How much are the packers gonna take their heels in. That's the question. Because they own rights. And i say well no team should on a player's right. Guess what it's sports it's business. I don't know to tell you like they're not gonna just let them walk and they're certainly not gonna trade over sixty cents on the dollar. So do the broncos of the raiders. Make some crazy deal and they have to consider it. I don't think they would even listen until they know for sure that this guy is one hundred percent not coming back. And i've spoken to matt leflore. And he's the head coach and mike we talked to la flora off the record on the record. You could see it in his eyes. It's just like oh my gosh like please please. Please find a way to get him back because he knows. This guy is so special. He's such a good quarterback and rodgers went out of his way to say. It's not the coach's jordan love so i i don't want users so if the packer it seems like they're not going to. It seems like his beef with the gm. It seems like they're not going to fire the gm. But if they let's say they did fire the gm hypothetically he just comes back like nothing happened. I don't i don't think they're gonna even consider going down that road and you know the two names are mark. Murphy and brian gouden counts. And what rogers said to kenny. Mayne which is really interesting was like people in philosophy and then he goes down the history. Books that has like curly. Lambeau and brett farve. In the minister of defence. Mike holmgren end. The feeling i get is that there are thirty. Two teams in the nfl. Thirty one of them one way. One one team is in a small town in wisconsin. That has no. they're professional. Sports doesn't have an owner. it's the packers. So when he starts talking about corporations corporate interests it almost feels like he's really turned off by the way that that small market team has tried to become as conglomerate or this corporation or this business in truth matters the communication before drafting jordan. Love wasn't as good as it should have been to someone who they cherish as much now. The other side can argue. And say we're gonna have how we run by our player decisions by aaron rodgers. Will you know. I guess we didn't know that going into whatever it is another side to there's this which is the site i'm on. They should have told them they were drafting jordan. Love they screwed up. They did a bad job. You have to get over it now like grow up and get over it now..

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