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Obamacare was attacks and therefore constitutional and of course lou aaron civil bob appeared but stabilised it's uh it's not a tax it's not a tax it's not a tax it it's what if we call it attacks it's it's it's got the digital it's a tax what they failed to realize was that the obamacare was originated in the senate revenue bills and if it's a tax that's what it was after originate in the house so if that ruling is correct then obamacare was it acted unconstitutionally well yeah i accept it was blessed by the spring cord and those of you know you could see the supreme court wanted to avoid political questions i mean that was a uh a decision that surprised a lot of people everybody thought to address the statute was going down the tubes it was rescued by uh by the chief justice john roberts and uh you out of civil oughta people but in general you sort of like the court to stay away from political issues and that is what it meant was bent over backwards to find a judicial rationale for what would scott and yet taylor comes in even at vicarage a point where you can't do that anymore eta times they bend over backwards the other way of one of the the the the liberal female though they might have been sotomayor at one point during arguments made a comment about something being been official i wish i had written done exactly what it was i remember thinking beneficial it's none of your business i mean you're the you're at your governments empires supposed to call balls likes this has got the pujol that is not if you in fact are concerned about these big beneficial than resigned from the supreme court run for the house of the senate had left the electorate determined it your view of beneficial coincides with there's yes the justice scalia wish study at all liberal stamp a rubber stamp you know which you could use for his judgments and it would say stupid but constitutional greater in other words this out their business to say a constitution as welldesigned or not if a tip it's within the bounds of the constitution we have though you know they're supposed to stay out of politics sensor and mostly they try to do so but uh you know it became really really hard in the last four years but by most uh rain.

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